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Re: scripts to map IP to AS?
From: "Jake Khuon" <khuon () NEEBU Net>
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 12:14:28 -0800

### On Thu, 20 Feb 2003 09:11:02 -0800, "Martin J. Levy" <mahtin () mahtin com>
### casually decided to expound upon "David G. Andersen" <dga () lcs mit edu>,
### William Allen Simpson <wsimpson () greendragon com> the following thoughts
### about "Re: scripts to map IP to AS?":

MJV> Dave (and anyone that downloads lookup_as.c),
MJV> Grab a newer version of traceroute.c -- There is a CLASSFULL piece of code
MJV> within the 2.9.3 code-base used in lookup_as.c.  The newer traceroute.c
MJV> code removes the 192/8 & 128/8 testing.  This is a cut-n-paste from the
MJV> newer traceroute-nanog-6.3.0/traceroute.c.  It can be cut-n-pasted into
MJV> your code...

Just a reminder to everyone who intends to query the IRR/RADB...  Please be
nice to the RADB whois server and don't DoS it.  Open a persistant
connection instead of one for each prefix lookup.  For RADB and any other
IRR server running IRRd, this can be accomplished by sending a "!!" in the
beginning and keeping the connection open on your end in a seperate thread
or something that you then issue the query to.  For RIPE Whois based IRR
servers, use the "-k" flag.

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