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Re: M$SQL cleanup incentives
From: William Allen Simpson <wsimpson () greendragon com>
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 09:25:24 -0500

Doug Clements wrote:
Which is it? Where do you draw the line between something that's big enough
to block forever and something that's not worth tracking down? 

Where it causes a network meltdown.  The objective reality is pretty 
clear to some (many? most?) of us.

You lambast
him for attempting a solution that is foolish to apply for every known
possible problem 

You bet I do!  

where if your solution was applied as such, we'd have a
swiss-cheese internet in which any commonly used destination port is blocked
due to the scads of IIS/bind/fingerd/ftpd/whatever worms.

In one part of your response, you note I don't advocate a 1-size-fits-
all solution, and then the second part, assume 1-size-fits-all.  That's 
inconsistent logic in your argument. 

Have fun filtering.

Filtering is not fun.  That's why I'm trying to get everyone to 
cooperate in eradication of this particular problem, so that we could 
drop filters.  (Look at the subject line.)

Right now, whether you know it or not, filtering is all that's holding 
the Internet as a whole together....  If you didn't filter, you're 
actually depending on the good graces of the rest of us that did!

Should we start using more loaded words, like "parasite"?
William Allen Simpson
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