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RE: pool.ntp.org NTP servers
From: Curtis Maurand <curtis () maurand com>
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2003 22:26:31 -0400 (EDT)

Take a look at powerdns and its mysql backend.  Then look at the database 
that's on mysql's website re:networks and their geographical location.  
I'm sure that powerdns (open source) could be modified to do the 
appropriate query and return the correct ip address.  much simpler.


On Sat, 7 Jun 2003, Ejay Hire wrote:

I was thinking about the not the closest-server problem today, and realized this is a good application for BGP-DNS 
http://www.enyo.de/fw/software/bgpdns/  Making it possible to look at the reqeustor's network location and retrun the 
"closest" servers.


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On Sun, 1 Jun 2003, wayne wrote:

This seems like a good time to put in a plug for the pool.ntp.org NTP
servers.  This is collection of public ntp servers provided by
individuals and ISP's placed in a round-robin DNS system.  The goal is
to provide the general public with a list of NTP servers that they can
use without abusing the stratum 1 servers.

If you can provide an NTP server to the pool, it would be greatly
appreciated.  The bandwidth and CPU usage of an NTP server is quite
low so you can easily provide NTP services to hundreds or even
thousands of users.  

If you create default NTP setups and you don't have good default NTP
servers to use, feel free to use pool.ntp.org for one or more of your
NTP sources.  (You should have at least 3 NTP sources, although using
more than three doesn't usually help much.)

For more information, see:



Curtis Maurand
mailto:curtis () maurand com

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