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From: "Peter E. Fry" <pfry () swbell net>
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 18:14:16 -0500

Vandy Hamidi wrote:

Our new ISP is asking that I create a maintainer object in the RADB
and associated AS/Routes for us to be about to eBGP peer.
This is the first time I've been asked by a provider to do this for
something as simple as peering to advertise a couple /24's.

I've peered with ATT, Sprint, UUnet, Qwest, Savvis, SBC, and Internap
in the past and never had to do anything but have a valid ASN provided
by ARIN.

  Hey, wait a minute!  You've peered with SBCIS and not set up an
aut-num and route objects in the RADB?  For shame!  That's our policy,
too.  Get with it!

Is this just so they can dynamically build their prefix/as-path lists?

  It's to avoid having Sprint mocked by L3.

Why would I need to do this and what advantages are there.  Cost to
register with RADB is $250/year and I want to understand it before I
shell out.

  Use ARIN's IRR or AltDB, then.  But wouldn't it be nice to support the
RADB, and our good friends at Merit?  Heck, you could donate a few grand
-- I'm sure they'd accept it.

Peter E. Fry

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