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RE: DNS announcement question (take 2)
From: "Stephen J. Wilcox" <steve () telecomplete co uk>
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 18:32:59 +0100 (BST)

On Sat, 28 Jun 2003, Jim Popovitch wrote:

OK, I seem to have missed identifying a finer point.

You need to reread/do that google, you're mistaken in your understanding on what 
is happening..

Both registrars (old and new) also host the DNS records for the domain
(actually several domains).  My question is which registrar (both are fully
configured) will ultimately win at the root server, and how is this

There is no 'win' it is whichever set of DNS servers are configured on that 
domain which is why I say do a whois on it and you will see.

The only time your old registrar can do something similar to 'winning' is if 
they keep old records on their network and users local to their network 
(customers) use their DNS with their wrong data, that is the only time tho and 
most ISPs run different DNS servers for domain hosting to the ones customers use 
so this scenario wouldnt occur at all

The mail and web servers are up and running, and their IP addresses are not
going to change.  I just want to guarantee that when the account on
registrar ABC is fully removed that registrar XYZ will begin DNS
announcements to the root servers.

Ensure the whois reports the new DNS servers and ensure the new DNS servers give 
the correct response!


Thank you for the responses so far, as well as the pointers to additional

-Jim P.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Popovitch
Sent: Saturday, 28 June, 2003 12:09
To: nanog () merit edu
Subject: DNS announcement question

I have a question about the way DNS records are announced/handled.  Thank
you in advance for any insight into this, and I hope this isn't
too far off
topic for discussion here.

-  I have a domain whose MX and DNS is handled by registrar ABC
    and I am moving that domain to registrar XYZ.

-  I have verified (via dig) the proper config on the new registrar.

-  This has nothing to do with donotcall.gov ;)

1) How does one registrar 'win out' over a second registrar when
   updating root servers?

2) How can I verify that the domain will be properly 'announced'
   to the root servers by the new registrar?

-Jim P.

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