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RE: DNS announcement question (take 2)
From: "Pete Templin" <pete.templin () texlink com>
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 20:18:17 -0500

Sounds like you might need to increase the local preference on the new registrar.

OK, back to being serious, they don't announce to the root server.  The registered nameservers (belonging to the 
registrar in your case, but in many other cases belonging to an ISP/NSP/WHP) answer queries made by the resolvers of 
millions of happy end viewers.  The TLD servers (a level below the root servers) will at some point begin referring 
questions about your domain name(s) to the new nameservers (belonging to the new registrar).  Some of those resolvers 
out and about the Internet will have cached the reference to the old nameservers for 1-2 days, but will eventually 
forget that and be told to ask the new nameservers.

Try the O'Reilly book on DNS and BIND; the mud will become clear as spring water.

Pete Templin
IP Network Engineer
Tex-Link Communications
pete.templin () texlink com
(210) 892-4183

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From: Jim Popovitch [mailto:jimpop () yahoo com]
Sent: Saturday, June 28, 2003 12:18 PM
To: nanog () merit edu
Subject: RE: DNS announcement question (take 2)

OK, I seem to have missed identifying a finer point.

Both registrars (old and new) also host the DNS records for the domain
(actually several domains).  My question is which registrar (both are fully
configured) will ultimately win at the root server, and how is this

The mail and web servers are up and running, and their IP addresses are not
going to change.  I just want to guarantee that when the account on
registrar ABC is fully removed that registrar XYZ will begin DNS
announcements to the root servers.

Thank you for the responses so far, as well as the pointers to additional

-Jim P.

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From: Jim Popovitch
Sent: Saturday, 28 June, 2003 12:09
To: nanog () merit edu
Subject: DNS announcement question

I have a question about the way DNS records are announced/handled.  Thank
you in advance for any insight into this, and I hope this isn't
too far off
topic for discussion here.

-  I have a domain whose MX and DNS is handled by registrar ABC
    and I am moving that domain to registrar XYZ.

-  I have verified (via dig) the proper config on the new registrar.

-  This has nothing to do with donotcall.gov ;)

1) How does one registrar 'win out' over a second registrar when
   updating root servers?

2) How can I verify that the domain will be properly 'announced'
   to the root servers by the new registrar?

-Jim P.

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