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RE: has anyone notice this ?
From: "Vicky Rode" <vickyr () socal rr com>
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 16:40:58 -0700

Hi Jay,

comments in-line:

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From: Jay Hennigan [mailto:jay () west net]
Sent: Saturday, June 28, 2003 10:22 PM
To: Vicky Rode
Cc: nanog () merit edu
Subject: RE: has anyone notice this ?

On Sat, 28 Jun 2003, Vicky Rode wrote:

It would be easier to troubleshoot if you used a browser that returned
a meaningful error message.  "The page could not be found" could be just
about anything.  DNS, routing, broken link, etc.
vickyr> i even tried the same thing under linux--->mozilla and i get site
name not found which i believe is less meaningful than ie :)

"No such domain" is the Mozilla response.  This points to a DNS issue,
which is more useful than "Page could not be displayed".  What does dig
give you for the domain?  How about dig with a different name server
vickyr> you might be correct but like i said in my case linux--->mozilla
states "www.cnn.com could not be found. please check the name and try
again". i finally gave up playing ping pong with time warner and started
using my dns servers.

Also, you don't indicate if you're a Time Warner customer trying to reach
web sites elsewhere or a non-customer trying to reach sites on the Time
Warner network.  Your IP address or ISP's network and the URL of the site
you're trying to reach, for example.
vickyr>  i'm a time warner end-user trying to access outside world which
could be anything.

Nag their tech support.
vickyr> i even tried talking to their level 2 support and they still think
its my cable modem box even after presenting them the facts unless for some
reason their box also runs a cache server.

Have you queried the Time Warner support staff?
vickyr> yes i have and they think it could be the cable modem box and have
issued a replacement. i sure hope they have a good stock because vickyr> i
know whole bunch of people who are having similar problems.

It's those Warner Brothers Acme brand modems.  Same outfit that makes all
of Wile E.s stuff.  It's probably also an Acme nameserver.

Seriously, you should use some other tools such as name lookup to find
the IP address of the site in question.  If it fails with their default
resolvers, try a different resolver.  Then see if you can get to the site
(or a default site on the same server) by IP address, use traceroute,

maybe its time to buy some 3com stocks :)

If a whole bunch of people are having the same issue and they're all on
Time Warner in your neck of the woods, it probably isn't the cable modem
vickyr> exactly my point.


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