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From: Hyunseog Ryu <r.hyunseog () ieee org>
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 13:50:24 -0600

Since PPP doesn't have any way to identify different PVC from physical
MLPPP can not be used for sub-interface required field.
For example, if you want to use different VLAN id with dot1q or Frame
Relay DLCI,
you can not use it with MPLS.
Since our customer requires to use multiple VLANs from same physical,
we decided not to use MLPPP and to use MLFR for this issue.
MLFR has DLCI field, so we can identify mutlple source of a sort of PVC.

If you wants to use QoS from MLPPP, you have to disable CEF from the
That's another consideration.

If you use FlexWan from Cisco 7600 platform, you can not change MTU size
because of bug CSCdj40945. That problem said it is fixed, but you still
need to check your IOS whether it has a fix for this or not.


Hyunseog Ryu wrote:
Maybe next monday I can ask for detailed info, but I wasn't on the
meeting to discuss this in detail.
Based on outcome of discussion with Cisco, we decided to go with MLFR
instead of MLPPP.


Jon R. Kibler wrote:
Hyunseog Ryu wrote:
What I heard from Cisco is that there may be some issue with MLPPP and
MPLS - maybe QoS? -.
The issue is for general IOS support issue for MLPPP/MPLS combination.
For that reason, Cisco recommended Multi-link Frame Relay(MLFR) to
overcome that issue.



Would you happen to have a source for additional information as to exactly what the problem may be? 

Jon Kibler


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