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Re: Odd policy question.
From: Randy Bush <randy () psg com>
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 08:04:15 -1000

      Maybe not such an odd question; Anywhoo, we have quite a few
people who register our IP addresses as nameservers, and then never
delete the records. I don't suppose there is any way that we can delete
these old records, we have appealed to multiple registrars such as
godaddy, enom, and the like to remove these bogus NS records from our IP
space which keep our new customers from using these IP addresses for
hosting but they claim that we have no grounds even though we are the
legitimate 'keepers' of said IP space. This is mainly a problem for
customers who use software such as cPanel which likes to always make NS
records automatically, and customers almost never remove these at their

in named.conf

zone "2.96.192.in-addr.arpa"    { type master; file "primary/bogus.ia"; };

in the zone file

*                       PTR     some.schmuck.lame.delegated.to.RAIN.PSG.COM.


zone "someschmuck.com"          { type master; file "primary/bogus.fwd"; };


@                       MX    0 some.schmuck.lame.delegated.to.RAIN.PSG.COM.
*                       MX    0 some.schmuck.lame.delegated.to.RAIN.PSG.COM.

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