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Intradomain Traffic Engineering
From: Hao Wang <seraph.wang () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 00:06:24 -0500

Hi All,
    I'm a PhD student currently studying intra-domain traffic engineering,
and I have two questions that I really wish to hear some opinions from you
network operators.
    I'm experimenting with a prediction-based intra-domain traffic
engineering technique. The technique uses traffic demand matrices observed
in the history to predict future traffic demands, and computes a routing
that minimizes maximum link utilization (MLU) for those future demands.
    I evaluate the performance of the technique using Abilene traffic traces
collected at every 5 minutes interval. The results show that when the model
is able to predict the real traffic matrix, the technique can achieve close
to optimal MLU. However, when the model makes wrong prediction, the
technique suffers very high MLU (as high as 140%).
    Basically, I have the following two questions:
    1. In the traces I have, there exist several intervals with a huge,
sudden increase of traffic on some links. The prediction model I use cannot
predict those 'big spikes'. Do these 'big spikes' really happen in
operational networks? Or are they merely measurement errors? If they really
happen, is there a gradual ramp up of traffic in smaller time scale, say, on
the order of tens of seconds? Or do these 'big spikes' really occur very
quickly, say, in a few seconds?
    2. I have the option to make a tradeoff between average case performance
and worst case performance guarantee, but I don't know which one is deemed
more important by you. Are ISP networks currently optimized for worst case
or average case performance? Is the trade-off between these two an appealing
idea, or may the ISP networks are already doing it?
    I really appreciate any feedback from you about the above two questions,
and your help will be acknowledged in any publication about this work.


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