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RE: Wifi SIP WPA/PSK Support
From: "Casey Halverson" <casey.halverson () infospace com>
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 15:12:16 -0800

I have actually been following this as well, and I have tested several
of these handsets.  Others have been impossible to source.  Typically
startups will attempt to bring a wifi voip handset to the market,
realize there is no demand, and fold.

In the particular discussion of WPA:

Note that the two Senaos listed claim WPA support, but this is not
available in the current firmware.  There also hasn't been any updates
to it in a year or so -- don't expect it anytime soon.


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Subject: RE: Wifi SIP WPA/PSK Support

I've been tracking the Wi-Fi SIP phone space for some time, 
and have documented all the phones that I could find here:
It's about a 7 MB file because I've included pictures of 
these devices where I could find them.

Because we just installed a SIP proxy server on our switch I 
took the opportunity to purchase and try out 4 Wi-Fi SIP phones: 
- Hitachi IPC-5000
- UTStarcom F1000
- Pulver WiSIP/ZyXEL P-2000W v1
- ZyXEL P-2000 v2

The last two offer identical user interface and functionality 
but a different shell.  

The Hitachi doesn't offer WPA support, but it does do 802.1X 
(specifically EAP-MD5, EAP-TLS, PEAP, and EAP-TTLS) with WEP. 
 That probably means it can hand out WEP keys, and perhaps 
perform dynamic WEP.  The only phone to support WPA from that 
short list is the F1000 with 3.60 or higher firmware, and 
that's only WPA-PSK.

If you look in the Word document you'll see there are other 
phones that offer WPA support, but there not are readily 
available in the North American market.

Kind regards,


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Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 10:35 PM
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Subject: Wifi SIP WPA/PSK Support

I'm working on finding a Wifi SIP phone that supports WPA/PSK 
that we can recommended to VOIP clients.  As everybody knows, 
currently most Wifi SIP phones support WEP which is 
demonstrably insecure.  For banking and financial customers, 
or companies that are given passwords or credit cards over 
the phone, this is a serious security issue.

We recently bought a Hitachi-Cable Wireless IPC-5000 WiFi SIP 
Phone from voipsupply.com after finding some web pages that 
said that phone supported WPA (the pages were in German), yet 
once we got the phone all it supported was WEP even after 
updating the firmware to the latest version using the website 
mentioned in the documentation that came with the phone.

I've had a few people say that there was some sort of 
conspiracy to keep US citizens from using secure phones, 
however I found that laughable because the potential risk of 
terrorist or criminal interception from having all Wifi 
telephone conversations involving credit cards (let alone 
social security numbers, bank account numbers, passwords, 
what have you) in the clear would create an attack vector so 
large as to exceed all other possible attack vectors... I 
mean why work on cracking anything when you can just listen 
to everybody in the clear (well virtually in the clear with WEP).

So, back in reality, could anybody in the US that bought 
their Wifi SIP phone in the US share a success story at 
getting Wifi SIP setup with WPA/PSK?  What model of phone did 
you buy?  Where did you get it?  Did you have to upgrade it 
to any special version of firmware or what?


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