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Re: IPv6 end user addressing
From: Mark Newton <newton () internode com au>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 04:20:08 +0000

On 11/08/2011, at 1:33 PM, Owen DeLong wrote:

Yes and no. In terms of potential innovations, if enough of the market chooses
/60, they will hard code the assumption that they cannot count on more than
a /60 being available into their development process regardless of what
gets into the router. Sure, they won't be able to assume you can't get a /48,
but, they also won't necessarily implement features that would take advantage
of a /48.

They will on their "premium" high price point CPE and/or service provider
offerings.  It'll be a product differentiator.  

If enough customers are attracted to it, it'll win.  If they
aren't, it'll lose.

The process of invention and innovation will happen anyway.  We're
not really talking about that here, we're talking about post-innovation

Maybe ISP#2 in Australia will launch onto the market with /48's for everyone,
and we'll respond competitively.  Dunno.  Whatever, it's all kinda arbitrary
really.  Not worth arguing about, and certainly not worth delaying 
implementation until you finish debating the "right" answer.

Perhaps far more than most of you wanted to know about navigation, but, at least worth
considering when we think that all forward movement is good forward movement.

The 1-in-60 rule I learned during my pilots license training is a lot easier
to explain, without diagrams and with no need for trigonometry.

Another useful judgement call when you're flying is to understand that
as long as you know where you are and where you want to be, any forward 
progress whatsoever is a positive when there's a growing thunderstorm
behind you :-)

  - mark

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