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RE: NANOGers home data centers - What's in your closet?
From: "Eric Krichbaum" <eric () telic us>
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 07:14:53 -0500

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Anyone got experience with XBMC and similar linux media centre tools running on tablet or netbook class hardware? I 
like the idea of using a couple of el cheapo Android tablets with decent external speakers as music/video/TV/phone 
terminals, getting content from a >NAS box and perhaps phone from a * server.

Roku etc. are far, far too expensive for what they do.

Alternatively, Eric, what are your XBMCs running on? 

Sent from my Android phone with K-9 Mail. Please excuse my brevity.

I've got the Tvix 6600 HD also and it's an awesome media player but yes, too expensive for what it does.

My xbmc boxes are AppleTv's running Ubuntu Hardy and XBMC with the wireless card replaced by a Broadcom HD encoder for 
1080P.  The work very well.  I haven't sync'd the libraries together yet but really should.  Centralized libraries for 
them all would be a fantastic next step and give me features like pause in one room, resume in another but it's not 
come up.  

More complete scheme is Cisco POE switches on the two floors feeding the floor with 2 Gig via fiber LAG between.  I had 
the 12 pack trunk which is why I ran it instead of just individual pairs.   It'll make transition easier if I have to 
go to 100G backbone.  Heheheheh Netgear APs on each floor for coverage.  Media server is a Supermicro 12 bay with Dual 
3.0 Xeons, 4 gig of Ram and 10TB of drive space running linux.  Shares to Apple TV are via NFS.


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