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Re: NANOGers home data centers - What's in your closet?
From: Måns Nilsson <mansaxel () besserwisser org>
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 17:15:07 +0200

Subject: NANOGers home data centers - What's in your closet? Date: Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 06:28:57PM -0500 Quoting 
Charles N Wyble (charles () knownelement com):
Hey all,

I'm curious what other NANOGers have in their home compute centers? 

I'm trying not to have anything. Mail, AFS fileserver, shell host, etc are
in a colo. 

But, I fail. 

Current telecoms shack (laundry room, because there Telia terminates)
has Cisco 837 terminating DSL, doing NAT and HE.net tunnel endpoint
(where's my t-shirt, Owen? ;-), linksys AP and some patching, both for
POTS and Ethernet. The garage is currently only FE, thanks to only two
pairs available in the cable there. I'm planning for SM fibre to the
garage. I'm doing a distributed patching solution in order to be able
to use existing conduit as much as possible for higher WAF. (There is
HAF as well, but in our home it's less likely to impact cabling.)

The media / living room has a new-built wall in which I've installed
a Rittal 32U rack frame. Its back will be encased in drywall and looks
just like a wine storage fridge, thanks to its perspex door. There I've
got an 24-port switch, a patch panel, and all media gear, players for CD
and DVD, NFS server for my slightly altered Samsung TV, etc. The analog
patch panel (4.4mm Bantam jacks, 96-point jackfield, all balanced)
for audio together with distribution amplifiers and Arduino based 
power sequencing and multiroom switching will be there too.

The bedroom floor will get a patch panel and a silent GE/FE switch,
just to have two-four Ethernet jacks per bedroom.

The garage, finally, will have a 42HE cabinet standing on top of raised
flooring in a to-be-constructed partition of the garage, also doubling as
workshop and non-freezing storage area. I guess I'll keep the room above
freezing with servers running. Equipment there is a bit uncertain, but 
probably will be host for thin clients, backup server, tape library, 
GE switch, and UPS, possibly some museum equipment too. 

This takes ages to build. I've got a life, sort of. 
Måns Nilsson     primary/secondary/besserwisser/machina
MN-1334-RIPE                             +46 705 989668
I would like to urinate in an OVULAR, porcelain pool --

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