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Re: Home computer rooms
From: Charles N Wyble <charles () knownelement com>
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2011 19:06:07 -0500

On 08/13/2011 08:26 AM, David Swafford wrote:
I'm borrowing a room at mom's place for this presently :-D, as the 1
bedroom apartment was a bit too small!

I've got a two bedroom apartment currently. Seriously considering a 3
bedroom place. So I can have a dedicated server room/office and a guest
room. Right now guest room serves as server room and living room is the

It has 2 racks -- a 2post and a full server cabinent.  The racks are
physically on separate sides of the room, so I've got a custom cable
tray running along the walls, that's about a foot below the ceiling.

Nice. Another reason that apartments are annoying. Limited mods.
Though one could make the mods and just patch holes when they
leave. I wanted to drill a hole to the outside at my apartment and
patch when we left. The wife said no. LOL. It's cool though, cause
she doesn't bat an eye when I mention buying a 72U rack. :)

Between the racks are 24-port patch panels for cross-connect needs.

Hmmm. Between racks you mean? Or from ports in wall to switch?

Power is the fun part:  I installed a 50AMP, 240V, subpanel in the
above room (with permits/inspection), and am feeding 1 x 240 to each
rack and also 1 x 120 to the 2-post.

Ah yes. Power. This is what will drive me to a colo. I'm sure of it. I
don't want to rely on household wiring for heavy duty

  Each rack's power is handled by
remotely managed power controllers.  I've found that maintaining UPS
batteries became too expensive, given the age and present value of my
gear, so everything is direct w/o UPS support.  Since I've got full
power control, most of the gear remains off until I'm actively using
it for studies. 

Excellent. This is what I do as well. Though the PDUs that I picked up
don't work with my current wiring. :(

To conserve electric use, I rarely use additional AC,
though I have a portable unit in the room for when the need arises --
average temp runs about 85 in that room.


The routing gear is a mix of Cisco 2600s, 3600s, and 4500s (yep, those
are a little old!); The switching gear is a mix of Cisco 3550s, 3560s,
and 2950s; The server gear is mostly IBM xSeries, in the age range of
about 5-7 years old.

Perfectly suitable for a wide variety of applications. Only things worth
swapping out on a regular basis are drives.

Connectivity from my apartment to the lab is over a site-to-site VPN.
What kind of bandwidth in between?

I've also got a Cisco call manager express (on a 1760) running my
mom's phone service and have phones throughout her house and my

Nice. I've not dabbled with Cisco voip at all. Just Freeswitch/Asterisk
(abandoned Asterisk and exclusively Freeswitch these days).

  Production storage is on a QNAP NAS back at my apartment.

I believe this is the second mention of QNAP in this thread.

The above room is about 180 square feet.  It sits next to the garage
and kitchen, and to make it look more official I took out the door and
replaced it w/ a plastic doorway like you see in big grocery freezers.
 The plastic made it easier to get in/out with gear without scratching
up the house and it also helps mute out some of the fan-noise.

Excellent idea. Do you have a ramp of some sort to bring gear in?

Charles N Wyble charles () knownelement com @charlesnw on twitter


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for tomorrows alternate default free zone.

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