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RE: next-best-transport! down with ethernet!
From: "Vitkovsky, Adam" <avitkovsky () emea att com>
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011 15:55:25 +0100

Article by John Cramer says:

At the AQRTP Workshop we considered the question of whether quantum nonlocality was a possible medium for FTL 
communication. In the context of standard quantum mechanics there is good reason for believing that it is not. Eberhard 
has proved a theorem demonstrating that the outcomes of separated measurements of the same quantum system, correlated 
by nonlocality though they are, cannot be used for FTL observer-to-observer communication. A possible loophole in 
Eberhard's theorem could arise if, following the work of Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg, one modifies conventional 
quantum mechanics by introducing a small non-linear element into the standard QM formalism. It has been shown that in 
slightly non-linear quantum mechanics, the observable nonlinear effects that would arise would make possible FTL 
communication through nonlocality.

The only possibility seem to be modificaiton to QM equations
So fingers crossed :)


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On Dec 30 14:00, Vitkovsky, Adam wrote:
Well hopefully we won't need to worry about the speed of light anymore

Just recently I heard about the experiments with "quantum nonlocality" 
no one seem to understand how it happens but for me it's enough it works
Basically when 2 photons or electrons are emitted form the same source -they are somehow bound/entangled together 
-that means if we change the spin on one photon to "up" the other photon will have it's spin changed to "down" 
-and it doesn't matter whether the photons are next to each other or light years away -this happens instantly (no 
energy is transferred yet the information is passed)
-this was already tested between two cities

Imagine that instead of sfp connectors and dark fiber between San Fran and NY node we'd install a connectors with 
let's say 1500k entangled photons 
-and if we set the spin in a way to send a 1500kbit packet to NY the NY node would see it instantly -no cables needed

-also there some attempts to actually send the information 50 micro sec back in time

Of course there are still these issues with probabilities at quantum level

What we really need is a new method of sending data.  The fact that I
will never be able to send something from Maine to California in less
than 15 ms is not acceptable.

The speed of light is such a drag.

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