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Re: "It's the end of the world as we know it" -- REM
From: Michael Thomas <mike () mtcc com>
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 17:41:52 -0700

On 04/24/2013 05:34 PM, Fred Baker (fred) wrote:
On Apr 24, 2013, at 4:50 PM, Michael Thomas <mike () mtcc com>

On 04/24/2013 03:26 PM, Fred Baker (fred) wrote:
Frankly, the ISPs likely to be tracking this list aren't the people holding back there. To pick on one that is fairly 
public, Verizon Wireline is running dual stack for at least its FIOS customers, and also deploying CGN, and being pretty up 
front about the impacts of CGN. Verizon Wireless, if I understand the statistics available, is estimated to have about 1/4 
of its client handsets accessing Google/Yahoo/Facebook using IPv6.
Fred, isn't the larger problem those enterprise's outward facing web presence,
etc? As great as it is that vzw is deploying on handsets, don't they also need
to dual-stack and by inference cgn (eventually) so that their customers can get
at the long tail of non-v6 sites?
Kind of my point. I hear a lot of complaining of the form "I don't need to deploy IPv6 because there is relatively little traffic out 
there." Well, surprise surprise. That's a little like me saying that I don't need to learn Chinese because nobody speaks to me in Chinese. 
There are a lot of Chinese speakers; they don't speak to me in Chinese, which they often prefer to speak among themselves, because I wouldn't 
have a clue what they were saying.

The Verizon Wireless numbers, and a list of others on the same page, tell me that if offered a AAAA record, networks 
and the equipment that use them will in fact use IPv6. What is in the way is the residential gateway, which is often 
IPv4-only, and the enterprise web and email service, which is often IPv4 only. You want to fix that, fix the 
residential gateway, the enterprise load balancer, and the connectivity between them and their respective upstreams.

It's a pity that it's probably not realistic for a VZW or other large-enough carrier
to say "We have deployed ipv6, we will not deploy CGN" and let the chips fall
where they may. Basically the ipv4 death penalty. Of course VZW-wireless probably
couldn't even do that because they'd be waging war on VZW-wireline. Sigh.


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