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Re: How ISP's in ARIN region create automatic prefix-filters?
From: Martin T <m4rtntns () gmail com>
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2013 22:19:29 +0300


ok, so in ARIN region there are two separate databases- "ARIN’s
Registration database" and "ARIN’s Routing Registry database". If there is
a database containing routing policy information in ARIN region as well,
then why do you suggest to use RIPE database? I mean shouldn't most ISP's
in RIPE region use radb or their own whois database which mirrors all major
IRR databases and thus rr.arin.net among the others?


2013/6/12 Joe Abley <jabley () hopcount ca>

On 2013-06-12, at 13:38, Martin T <m4rtntns () gmail com> wrote:

as I understand, ARIN whois database does not contain "route" objects,
which are used for example in RIPE region for automatic BGP prefix
filter generation.

whois.arin.net:43 is for assignment/allocation information. Does not use

rr.arin.net:43 is a routing registry that uses RPSL.

How does this work in ARIN region? I know that at
least some ISP's operating in ARIN region use their own whois
databases(for example rr.level3.net) which mirror content from other
RIR databases, but are there other methods how they update their
internal databases with records?

My general advice for anybody who cares to listen is to use the RIPE db
for your objects if you are based in the ARIN region. It saves time if/when
you come to peer with an organisation based in the RIPE region, and it
makes your objects easy to find for anybody who wants to look for them.

You can install a route in the RIPE db corresponding to number resources
assigned elsewhere by authenticating against the RIPE-NCC-RPSL-MNT
maintainer object, for which the plain-text password is "RPSL". Since your
new route object will specify mnt-by MAINT-YOURS you will also need to
authenticate against that (my favourite method is PGP).


mntner:         RIPE-NCC-RPSL-MNT
descr:          This maintainer may be used to create objects to represent
descr:          routing policy in the RIPE Database for number resources
descr:          allocated or assigned from the RIPE NCC.
admin-c:        RD132-RIPE
auth:           MD5-PW # Filtered
remarks:        *******************************************************
remarks:        * The password for this object is 'RPSL', without the *
remarks:        * quotes. Do NOT use this maintainer as 'mnt-by'.     *
remarks:        *******************************************************
mnt-by:         RIPE-DBM-MNT
referral-by:    RIPE-DBM-MNT
source:         RIPE # Filtered

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