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Re: Network Vendor suggestions/reviews, Arista Networks, Dell Force10, Juniper, Extreme Networks etc...
From: Phil Fagan <philfagan () gmail com>
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2013 18:08:27 -0600

I love JUNOS, don't really care for IOS. I really trust Cisco and Juniper's
hardware, with that being said Arista is your best bet for cheapest port.
I've only seen Arista in lab, not in the wild yet so I can't speak for how
I would trust them. You mention getting bit by single sups, I believe as of
late Arista has had issue with OSPF failover time between dual-sups in HA

I used to have a Dell laptop....but I'm sure their great too. In the end
for me I only trust Cisco or Juniper. I've been burnt by Foundry and am
waiting to on Arista.

On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 5:53 PM, Blake Pfankuch - Mailing List <
blake.mailinglist () pfankuch me> wrote:

                I have been working on a proposal for the organization I
work for to move into the 10gbit datacenter.  We have a small datacenter
currently of about 1000 ports of 1gbit.  We have traditionally been a full
Cisco shop, however I was asked to do a price comparison as well as
features with other major alternative vendors.  I was also asked to do some
digging as far as what "the real world" thinks about these possible vendors.

We currently have 2 Cisco 6509's with 8 48 port cards Sup 3BXL, 2 Cisco
4506 with 5x 48 port card and Sup V's and 2 4900M switches providing 10gbit
to a very specialized implementation.  With all of our technology, we try
to not be bleeding edge, but oozing edge.  We need 5 9's or more of uptime
yearly so stability is preferable to cool features.  We currently have
single supervisors in all of our switches (not my decision) and it has bit
us recently.  Everything we are looking at needs to support NSF/SSO/VSS of
some kind.

What we have been looking to replace it with in Cisco world is Nexus 7004
Core and Nexus 5596UP with 2200 series Fabric extenders for Dist/Access as
well as 2200 Fabric Extenders within our Dell Blade Chassis.  Realistically
we will be under 800 ports of 10gbit (excluding Blades) which puts us in a
tough spot from what I can find.  Currently everything we have is EOR,
however TOR would make more sense allowing us to switch to SFP+ twinax
connectivity to servers.

With this in mind, I have a few questions...

It was mandated that I look at a company "Arista Networks" and investigate
possible options.  I had not heard much about them, so I look to the
experts.  Pro's and Con's?  Real world experience?  Looks to me they have a
lot of cool features, but I'm slightly concerned with how new they might
be, how reliable it would be as well as their QA/bugfix history.  Also 24x4
support and hardware replacement.  Everything in our datacenter currently
has a 2 or 4 hour cisco contract on it and critical core components have a
cold spare in inventory.

Dell Force 10... I know Dell tries to get you to drink the Koolaid on this
solution, I was a former Dell Partner and they even pushed me to get demo
equipment going...  What's the experience with their chassis switches?
 Stability?  Configuration sanity?  What do people like?  What do people

Juniper.  What do people like? What do people hate?  Have the Layer 2
issues of historical age gone away?  Is the config still xml ish?  It has
been about 5 years since I worked with anything Juniper.

Extreme networks.  I know very little about them historically.  What is
good, what is bad?  Is the config sane?

I would be happy to compile any information I find, as well as our
sanitized internal conclusions.  On and off list responses welcome.

If there is another vendor anyone would suggest, please add them to the
list with similarly asked questions.



Phil Fagan
Denver, CO

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