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Re: PRISM: NSA/FBI Internet data mining project
From: shawn wilson <ag4ve.us () gmail com>
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2013 23:19:48 -0400

On Jun 6, 2013 9:30 PM, "Jeff Kell" <jeff-kell () utc edu> wrote:

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On 6/6/2013 9:22 PM, Valdis.Kletnieks () vt edu wrote:
On Thu, 06 Jun 2013 21:12:35 -0400, "Robert Mathews (OSIA)" said:
On 6/6/2013 7:35 PM, Jay Ashworth wrote:
[ ..... ]   Happily, none of the companies listed are transport

Could you be certain that TWC, Comcast, Qwest/CenturyLink could not be

Pay attention.  None of the ones *listed* are transport networks.
Doesn't mean they're not involved but unlisted (as of yet).

Umm... CALEA.  They've *already* had access for quite some time.

AFAIK, CALEA doesn't by default collect data for everyone on their network.
You use the word 'access' which doesn't convey anything to me - a network
switch might have access to all the data on the network but you might only
see some of it.

Should law enforcement have easy access to some data? Absolutely. If my
phone is ever stolen, I want the next cop car driving by the thief's
location to retrieve my phone and pick up the thief. But I'd prefer some
fat dude in an office not see pictures my grandmother emails to me.

Is there a way to do both? Sure. The way I'd like it done is to make all
requests for data open and respond to FOIA requests within a month. Or,
easier option - any data LE requests goes online. This way, if you have a
reason to request data for a whole state and your family happens to live
there, you know that the conversation between your family will also be
publicly available so will be more likely to limit the scope.

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