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Re: Nmap 2.30BETA20 Released
From: Jeffrey Paul <sneak () datavibe net>
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 14:55:17 -0400

Max Vision wrote:

Since I'm addressing problems - another issue is that most port lists
(including the IANA assignments) list identifiers that are somewhat
useless in the real world.  For example all of those ports with entries
for both TCP and UDP.  Most services don't use both transports.  For
example if you are scanning and see an open TCP port 137 - it's *not* the
netbios name service.  There are a ton of port identifiers like this that
might actually just slow down ligitimate auditing, or in some cases
confuse/mislead administrators who don't know any better..

For the benefit of less experienced netmapers, I would prefer to see
 netbios-ns         137/tcp           # netbios name service
be replaced by
 UNKNOWN            137/tcp           # daemon on priveledged port! () #$
and other appropriate accuracies.

This kind of defeats the purpose.

Another option is to remove those entries, but I generally prefer to see
as much detail about the remote host as possible, as there are often
"rogue" daemons listening on ports one wouldn't expect - in particular
ftpd and httpd are sometimes bound in strange places by their owners.

Well this is to be expected, and it's not the fault of the services file that people move things around... nmap displays both the port and the service from the file for a reason... remember, the service is just a lookup in the table of the port, not any test of what's actually running. I could run echo on 21, 22, 23, 25, 53, 80 and 110 and nmap would tell you I'm running a bunch of useful services. As for administrators that get 'confuse[d]/mislead', well, there isn't much that can be done for them in a situation like this, short of proper training and pointers to useful information in docs....

My point is that the service file is merely a suggestion, and if it's overkill or vague it's better than an integer staring you in the face. If you think it's worse, then you need to ignore the 'Service' column:)

As for putting 'UNKNOWN' in a services file, it seems totally backwards imho.


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