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Re: nmap for PalmOS?
From: "David Arnold (CS/MATH stud.) " <arnold73 () chaos cns uni edu>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 00:23:59 -0500 (CDT)

The palm pilot has three main ways of connecting to the internet. There
are analog modems that can be purchased that plug into the expansion along
with a 10 base-t expansion. These two products can use the palm net
library API and  the berkeley socket API <with some modifications>. the
Third way is through a wireless connection which uses a seperat API. It
would be cool to run nmap from your fishing boat. The downfall of the
wireless is that it has a hardware set IP address. Well, for some people
that could be a problem. I have only used a modem so my domain experties
is limited. I have set up my linux box with SLIP and then I can make a
local connection to the internet via dialup. The linux server then is
connected to the internet via a cable modem. There are several great
applications already implemented for the palm after it has a tcp
connection. Some of these programs include telnet, ping, whois,
traceroute, and a couple other cool ones. A great application is TBA and
can be downloaded from l0pht. it is a war dialer for the palm. Some of the
down falls of the palm are that you need to worry about memory, BIG
TIME. utalizing netlib takes another 32kb adding the total amount of
virtual memory to 64kb before your application starts declaring
variables. This can be overcome by writting every result to a
database. the other downfall is that you can only open four sockets at a
time. the last thing is that the word recursive should not be used when
talking about data-structures on a palm pilot. I will write more in the
future, have to do some homework before my 8 and I have yet to start. Also
if people are getting made because i'm writting palm development stuff to
this list please tell me and i will try my best to get a different site and
mailing list as soon as i have a minute. Sorry for the inconvinience. And
one last thing, i tried to install xfree86 4.0 this weekend so i could
get support for my 3dfx card and it does not support that card. I didn't
back anything up, because it was all going to work, and now i'm back to
pine. sorry about the spelling and grammer.
David Wade Arnold

On Mon, 24 Apr 2000, rain forest puppy wrote:

Has anybody ported nmap to PalmOS? Is it practical?

Ok, I'm not a big palm buff, so...

Is it possible to obtain a straight network connection with a Palm, not
needing cradle and PC, or modem, in the process?

At this point, I didn't know Palms where ethernet-capable.  I know other
devices (WinCE, etc) take PCMCIA cards, which make them network-capable,
but those aren't Palms...

- rfp

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