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Re: nmap for PalmOS
From: Bart van Leeuwen <bart () ixori demon nl>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 15:23:36 +0200

Mike Nielsen wrote:

Why go to the trouble of writting nmap for the palm?

Just setup a server to run nmap from a php or cgi
shell and use web clipping to return the results. Or
have them emailed to your palm directly
A palm with for example an ip connection over ppp is usable on site,
even on a private, non connected network.
A host with some cgi-bin is often not accessable from such a place.
Now..l I prefer to use a mini sized laptop for such things because it
can connect directly to an ethernet which is kinda tricky with a palm,
but I still see quite some practical uses for a pocket sized machine
that can run portscans on a network.

You pay per second I think with the palm VIIs and some
scans take a couple of minutes.

Which might be of concern when scanning internet connected machines and
having to pay for it yourself.. If you have to scan a supposedly closed
network then you don't dial in on the internet and this argument doesn't
play much of a role anymore.

btw, the only way I know off to connect a palm III etc. to an ethernet
is by using a machine that will act as a router betwen a ppp connection
with the palm and your ethernet... no direct connection, and often not
evenpractical to setup for the purpose of a portscan.. but in my case I
happen to have such a setup for other purposes already, and in that case
a palm becomes quite practical for such things.

Bart van Leeuwen
 mailto:bart () ixori demon nl  -  http://www.ixori.demon.nl/

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