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Re: can/should
From: Security <security () securify darktech org>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 09:41:33 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 23 May 2000, Barry Hudson wrote:

As a new firewall admin I have a question for the white hats.
I log port scans and do a whois to locate the ISP that owns the ip
My questions is what else can/should be done.  I have no other reason to
believe they got through or committed any crime.  What else are you guys
doing?  I  hope this is not to far off topic..

First, I agree. I monitor connections/scans and log/check those who trip
my security. 
I use http://www.arin.net/cgi-bin/queryinput=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to dump the
whois info for offending IPs. I need a better URL to show all domain infos
but it appears that internic has been divided into 100's of pieces.

A traceroute is good for incoming connects to verify them.
We do a nmap -sTUV -F -I -O $remote_ip just to get a hint at who is
scanning me. I also run portsentry (linked to nmap) to detect other ports
such as NetBus, BackOrifice, and the realated tools.

I keep my logs avaliable via my http server so anyone interested in why
they were scanned can see the reason and results. 
A NETBIOS lookup is also a good idea if it is a windows box. Quite often
you get the name of the scanner or his system anyhow.

I post my inbound connects/return-scan(.sh)'s to an IRC channel so other
admins I know can keep tabs on them.

Slightly off topic... but:
Does fydor or anyone have a patch so I can specify a list of services
to check from a seperate file? such as nmap winboxen -from abused.portlist
? I would like to have a secondary services list of only trojans and
backdoors. I scan my LAN for trojans (Educational systems) but would like
to specify a large number of ports without actually editing nmap-services
or services.



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Network Systems Manager 
Fredericksburg Savings Bank 
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Nice disclaimer.

 security () securify darktech org <Mike>
 Security Admin

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