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RE: can/should
From: "Crye, Michael" <michaelc () humongous com>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 14:05:13 -0700

Speaking of other sources for scans ... I have experience with running
online gaming servers which sets flags off from many a network defender ...
They write us really upset that they are getting high levels of packets to
certain ports and fire off some really mad email at use at least once a
month.  I wonder what their reaction is to our response that they are being
attacked by the evil Unreal Tournament Server that some user on their
network is playing.  So I do recommend determining the nature of activity
and not to always trust commerical products that give you nice looking
reports, but the admin doesn't research the issue fully if at all in some

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From: Dion Stempfley [SMTP:Dion () riptech com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2000 3:35 AM
To:   'Barry Hudson '
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Subject:      RE: can/should

Many sites send a relatively curteous mail to the site or isp that
summarizes that logs and states that you detected a portscan and consider
this bad behavior, and would like the site to check to ensure that they
not been compromised.  This assists sites that are being used as jumping
points to identify that they have been had.

It's important not to be discourteous, because you may incure the wrath of
some admins that will flame you to death.

Dion Stempfley
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From: Barry Hudson
To: nmap-hackers () insecure org
Sent: 5/23/00 9:35 AM
Subject: can/should

As a new firewall admin I have a question for the white hats.  I log
port scans and do a whois to locate the ISP that owns the ip address.
My questions is what else
can/should be done.  I have no other reason to believe they got through
or committed any crime.  What else are you guys doing?  I  hope this is
not to far off topic.

Barry S. Hudson 
Network Systems Manager 
Fredericksburg Savings Bank 
Business Email - bhudson () fsbnk com 
All Other Email - barryhudson () compuserve com 

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