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[mailsort () c0re rc23 cx: [nick () securify com: Anyone else doing a distributed nmap project?]]
From: "Doobee R . Tzeck" <drt () ailis de>
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 19:11:25 +0200

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From: "Nicholas de Jong" <nick () securify com>
To: <nmap-hackers () insecure org>
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We have decided to embark on the mission of writing a distributed nmap
engine with an internet-public user interface that includes a searchable

We are writing the whole lot in PERL since, well that is what we are better
at and we can write something that will run on *NIX and NT, kudos to Marc
and eEye!

Anyway, we were interested to hear from anyone that has started / attempted
such a project.  I recall that there was some discussion earlier this year
on the matter.

We are aware of the problem that scanning from different networks can yield
different results however we are going to push ahead with it all anyway and
see what happens.

Hoping to have something kinda ready before Black Hat but I suspect we are
going to get really busy with other stuff.  :(

Will keep you all informed as things develop...

At the chaos computer club we started working on such a beast.
distributed.net for nmap or slowfox was the name we called it.

But then other things came more important so it is still on the
"Projects to finsih someday" queue.

The main problem we found was where to store the information 
gathered from 2^32 IPs? So we decided we need a distributed 
aproarch even on the server side.

There was some code written in C by me but I don't find it at 
the Moment. 


... you die - game over     
http://rc23.cx/                             http://drt.ailis.de/

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