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Nmap 2.54BETA4 released
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2000 22:33:42 -0700 (PDT)

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce the release of Nmap 2.54BETA4.  Here are some of
the most important changes:

-- Upgraded to the very latest Libpcap version ( the 9/3/00 CVS
   snapshot ).  This version is from the tcpdump.org group rather than
   the Lawrence Livermore crew.  The most important advantage is Linux
   Socket Filter support (so you won't have that annoying syslog
   message about Nmap using the obsolete SOCK_PACKET interface).

-- I tried to install Nmap on yet another machine without lex/yacc or
   flex/bison.  That was the last straw!  I am now shipping the
   generated C files, which eliminates the lex/yacc requirement.

-- Applied patch by Jay Freeman (saurik) <saurik () saurik com> to make
   Nmap C++-clean (this was lot of tedious work!  Thanks!).  Note that
   Nmap still uses a normal C compiler by default, but Nmap
   derivatives may appreciate C++ compatability.  Note that this only
   applies to "Nmap proper", not libpcap.

-- Added a HACKING file for people who want to help with Nmap
   development.  It describes preferred patch formats, development
   resources, and offers a number of useful changes that would likely
   be accepted into the main tree.

-- Fixed a configure.in error found by Vacuum
   (vacuum () technotronic com) which could cause compilation errors.

-- Fingerprint file adjustments for better Win* detection

-- Ensure libpcap is not configured and/or installed if you already
   have a "new enough" version (0.4a6+) installed.

-- Included Italian translation of Nmap man page from Giorgio Zoppi
   <deneb () supereva it> .

-- Fixed a SYN scan problem that could cause a major slowdown on some
   busy networks.

-- Fixed a crash problem in NmapFE reported by sverre ( sverre () gmx net )

-- Added an "SInfo" line to most printed fingerprints.  It looks
   similar to this: 
   and contains information useful when fingerprints are reported
   (Nmap version/platform, scan date, and open/closed ports used)

-- Fixed RPCGrind (-sR) scan.  It has been almost completely broken
   since 2.54BETA2 (which has been out for two weeks) and nobody
   reported it!  I noticed the problem myself during testing of
   something else.  I am disappointed that nobody bothered to even let
   me know that this was broken.  Does anyone even use RPC Scan?

-- Various other small fixes/improvements

For those of you running Linux/x86 w/a recent version of rpm
(www.rpm.org), you can install/upgrade to the newest version of
nmap/nmapfe with these commands:

rpm -vhU (nmap url)
where (nmap url) is one (or both) of these:


source tarballs and source RPMs are available at:

Let me know if you find any problems.


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