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RE: firewalk meets nmap - TTL (tested)
From: "Ofir Arkin" <ofir () itcon-ltd com>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 18:24:58 +0200

In Blackhat 2K in Amsterdam I was talking about the ability to identify
Operating System one firewall
might run on top because of the ICMP error messages it might generate /
spoofed answers the firewall
generates instead of its protected machines.

Very cool idea.  This hack will not only map your firewall rulebase, but
your firewall OS type :)

If you have a trace I would like to have a look :P

Sure, below is the technique and traces from a test.  The firewall is
CheckPoint FW-1 ver 4.1 SP2 on Solaris 2.7 (Ultra 5).  The port 5190 TCP
and port 5190 UDP are NOT filtered by the firewall.  I scanned a system
behind the firewall on each port with hping2, TTL set to 1 (I am 1 hop
away from the firewall).  Note how the firewall responds, and not the
system behind the firewall I was scanning.

mozart #hping2 -c 1 -t 1 -s 53 -p 5190 -S victim
eth0 default routing interface selected (according to /proc)
HPING victim (eth0 S set, 40 headers + 0 data bytes
TTL 0 during transit from  (firewall.example.net)

Now the packet traces (just for Ofir)

Thank you :)

-*> Snort! <*-
Version 1.6.3
By Martin Roesch (roesch () clark net, www.snort.org)
11/03-09:10:36.563267 ->
TCP TTL:1 TOS:0x0 ID:36962
**S***** Seq: 0x53C8F31C   Ack: 0x1A37A627   Win: 0x200

11/03-09:10:36.564040 ->
ICMP TTL:255 TOS:0x0 ID:31007  DF
00 00 00 00 45 00 00 28 90 62 00 00 00 06 BB 40  ....E..(.b.....@
C0 A8 01 0A AC 10 01 6B 00 35 14 46 53 C8 F3 1C  .......k.5.FS...
1A 37 A6 27 50 02 02 00 22 F6 00 00              .7.'P..."...

The Offending Packet:

IP Version=4
Header Length=5
TOS = 00
16 bit total Length=00 28
16 bit Identification=90 00
3flags+13-bit frag.=00 00
Protocol=BB 40

Source IP Address=C0 A8 01 0A
Destination IP Address=AC 10 01 6B
Source Port=00 35
Destination Port=14 46
Sequence Number=53 C8 F3 1C
Acknowledgment Number=1A 37 A6 27
50 02 02 00
Checksum=22 F6
Urgent Pointer=00 00

28 bytes were echoed back.


This is exactly what I was talking about. If you look closely than:

- DF bit is set with the ICMP Time Exceeded Error Message (SUN/HPUX11.x). It
was not set with the request so we are not dealing with echoing issue here.
- TTL used 255 (UNIX / UNIX-Like OS)
- Quoting Size - Bigger than the first 8 bytes of data portion of the
offending packet. In fact it quoted all the TCP packet (SUN/LINUX)
- ICMP Echoing Integrity - The quote is OK. Sun Solaris do this OK. LINUX
play with some parameters.

So is it a Linux or Solaris?
If you look at the possibilities you understand this is a Solaris. But lets
play more.
Since Linux set the Precedence field to 0x6 with its ICMP error messages we
are left with Solaris.
We can even go to www.checkpoint.com and look for the platform the firewall
run on top. Solaris / NT.

I think the point is now clear and understood :)

Lance, we should automate this somehow. This is a cool thing.
But again correct configuration will prevent this from happening.

Ofir Arkin  [ofir () itcon-ltd com]
Senior Security Analyst
Chief of Grey Hats
ITcon, Israel.

Personal Web page: http://www.sys-security.com

"Opinions expressed do not necessarily
represent the views of my employer."

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