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Re: nmap for Wintendo (NT/Win2K)
From: "Ryan Myers" <rmyers () inetarena com>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 22:24:13 -0800

Ken Williams wrote:
I'm sure that quite a few people will cringe when they read the subject
line of this
email, but it's been discussed before, and I've finally found a couple of
(and insane) MS programmers [read: not me!] who walk on water and keep
insisting that they can easily tackle this absurd challenge. {snip}

I remember giving it a try on a weird thought one night, and got most of the
support .c files implemented, but I realized the work ahead of me and shoved
it aside once it came time to port tcpip.c and pcap, and then lost the
shoved aside part when I reformatted without backing up that part of the
drive =P  This was with VC++ 5.0.

Your main challenges:

* Porting libpcap.  This may well be your nastiest part.
* Working around Win32's removal or crippling of functions like
* Some basic includes that Win32 just doesn't have: netinet/in.h,
arpa/inet.h, rpc/types.h, etc. and most importantly unistd.h - these simply
have to be worked around.  I probably spent a good hour just commenting out
chunks of includes that were SysV or BSD only.

And of course, there's the grunt work involved in converting all FDs in all
of nmap and libpcap to Winsock SOCKET structs, and translating relevant

In summary, if you're willing to spend a bit of time and elbow grease on it,
I'd say it's possible, but as I said, I did this on a whim, and settled for
Cygwin =P

-Ryan Myers (borisian () planetquake com)

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