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Re: nmap for Wintendo (NT/Win2K)
From: Matt <matt () use net>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 01:38:40 -0800

On Mon, 21 Feb 2000, Ken Williams wrote:

I'm sure that quite a few people will cringe when they read the subject line of this 
email, but it's been discussed before, and I've finally found a couple of real 
(and insane) MS programmers [read: not me!] who walk on water and keep 
insisting that they can easily tackle this absurd challenge.

I started doing this a few months ago..

What you'd need to do is port bpf and libpcap to win32. This has already
been done by two italian groups the first of which is @

They are totally GPL'd, and have great documentation. I just mailed them a
few days ago about their 2.02 release and they said it would be another
few weeks. In the current release, you will go crazy figuring out the
rat's nest of header files.. it's just a poorly organized source tree. I
told them about that and they said they're looking to fix it in the next

Once you have that, it's all about getting nmap to compile under vc6 and
getting the rest of the header files that nmap expects in place. This is
the route I was trying, but I ran out of patience.. kept running into bugs
in the 2.02 beta and opted to wait for their release.

Or, you could figure out how to get cygwin's gcc to link against
non-cygwin DLLs and then just compile nmap under cygwin and link to their
libpcap.dll. DilDog told me a way to do this, but I forgot.. 

So, it is very feasible... just someone with more time than I've had in
the past few months has to tackle it :) It would be really cool to get it
compiling under a free compiler (cygwin/gcc) and not be dependant upon
vc6. (Don't get me wrong, I like VC6, but not everyone should have to
warez 100 megs just to get the thing to compile.)

Those are my experiences.. comments?

it's only fair to tell you
I'm absolutely cuckoo

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