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Nmap 3.15BETA2 Released!
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 13:24:56 -0800


Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce that Nmap version 3.15BETA2 is now
available.  The very modest numbering difference from 3.15BETA1 belies
the fact the substantial changes -- including several fun new
features.  We're talking "port zero" scans, arbitrary TTL settings,
Windows binaries, nonroot/ipv6 connect() multiport pinging, and more!

This may be the last gzip release, as I am considering moving to
.tar.bz2 (I've been wanting to do this for many years, actually).
Most free operating systems now include bzip2, and recent versions of
tar handle it with the 'j' flag.  It compresses the Nmap tarball to
an impressive 20% smaller than gzip:

- -rw------- 1 fyodor fyodor  1078771 Feb 26 13:05 nmap-3.15BETA2.tar.gz
- -rw------- 1 fyodor fyodor   869990 Feb 26 13:04 nmap-3.15BETA2.tar.bz2

If this switch would cause you problems, please let me know.  If you
want to try out the .bz2 of this release, grab it from
http://download.insecure.org/nmap/dist/nmap-3.15BETA2.tar.bz2 .

Here are the main changes in this release:

o I added support for a brand new "port" that many of you may have
  never scanned before!  UDP & TCP "port 0" (and IP protocol 0) are now
  permitted if you specify 0 explicitly.  An argument like "-p -40"
  would still scan ports 1-40.  Unlike ports, protocol 0 IS now scanned
  by default.  This now works for ping probes too (e.g., -PS, -PA).

o Applied patch by Martin Kluge (martin () elxsi info) which adds --ttl
  option, which sets the outgoing IPv4 TTL field in packets sent via
  all raw scan types (including ping scans and OS detection).  The
  patch "should work" on Windows, but hasn't been tested.  A TTL of 0
  is supported, and even tends to work on a LAN:
  14:17:19.474293 > S 3265375623:3265375623(0) win 1024 [ttl 0] (id 35919, len 40)
  14:17:19.474456 > S 2805154856:2805154856(0) ack 3265375624 win 64240 <mss 1460> 
(DF) (ttl 128, id 49889, len 44)

o Applied patch by Gabriel L. Somlo ( somlo () acns colostate edu ) which
  extends the multi-ping-port functionality to nonroot and IPv6
  connect() users.

o I added a new --datadir command line option which allows you to
  specify the highest priority directory for Nmap data files
  nmap-services, nmap-os-fingerprints, and nmap-rpc.  Any files which
  aren't in the given dir, will be searched for in the $NMAPDIR
  environmental variable, ~/nmap/, a compiled in data directory
  (e.g. /usr/share/nmap), and finally the current directory.

o Fixed Windows (VC++ 6) compilation, thanks to patches from Kevin
  Davis (computerguy () cfl rr com) and Andy Lutomirski
  (luto () stanford edu)

o Included new Latvian man page translation by 
  "miscelerious options" (misc () inbox lv)

o Fixed Solaris compilation when Sun make is used rather than GNU
  make.  Thanks to Tom Duffy (tduffy () sun com) for assistance.

o Applied patch from Stephen Bishop (sbishop () idsec co uk) which
  prevends certain false-positive responses when Nmap raw TCP ping scans
  are being run in parallel.

o To emphasize the highly professional nature of Nmap, I changed all
  instances of "fucked up" in error message text into "b0rked".

o Fixed a problem with nmap-frontend RPMs that would cause a bogus
  /bin/xnmap link to be created (it should only create
  /usr/bin/xnmap).  Thanks to Juho Schultz
  (juho.schultz () astro helsinki fi) for reporting the problem.

o I made the maximum number of allowed routes and interfaces allowed
  on the scanning machine dynamic rather than hardcoded #defines of 1024
  and 128.  You never know -- some wacko probably has that many :).

For those of you running Linux/x86 w/a recent version of rpm
(www.rpm.org), you can install/upgrade to the newest version of
nmap/nmapfe by executing these commands as root:

rpm -vhU (nmap url)
where (nmap url) is one (or both) of these:


For the rest of you, source tarballs and source RPMs are always
available at: http://www.insecure.org/nmap/nmap_download.html

For the more paranoid (smart) members of the list, here are the md5

5d7fd545116e458788d3e46b3a0cd728  nmap-3.15BETA2-1.i386.rpm
9b9f5aac4eab8ed3014010111f016fb9  nmap-3.15BETA2-1.src.rpm
fead4241c4ff7d02cd00c7d52f04b169  nmap-3.15BETA2.tar.bz2
e75d24c8048b580a4ebd3a30630751ce  nmap-3.15BETA2.tgz
ea7ce1bee644bc8312b44cab7bbc12bf  nmap-3.15BETA2-win32.zip
19d4ed040194ebea8c4b4692d90c9c99  nmap-frontend-3.15BETA2-1.i386.rpm

These release notes should be signed with my PGP key, which is
available at http://www.insecure.org/fyodor_gpgkey.txt .
The key fingerprint is: 97 2F 93 AB 9C B0 09 80 D9 51 40 6B B9 BC E1 7E


Version: GnuPG v1.0.4 (GNU/Linux)
Comment: For info see http://www.gnupg.org


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