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Nmap 3.28 Released!
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 19:26:49 -0700


Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce the release of Nmap 3.28!  This version
includes many changes, most of which are bugfixes for runtime or
compilation problems.  Some are quite serious (cause Nmap to print an
error and crash).  Thanks to everyone who sent bug reports, and even a
few who sent actual patches!  Sometimes fixes for one platform break
something else, so please let me know if you experience problems.
There is also a significant upgrade to NmapFE to include many of the
newer Nmap options.  As usual for "stable" releases, New Windows .zip
binaries are available.  Here are the new CHANGELOG entries:

o Fixed (I hope) an issue that would cause Nmap to print "Serious time
  computation problem in adjust_timeout ..." and quit.  The ultimate
  cause was demonstrated by this --packet_trace snippet that Russel
  Miller (rmiller(a)duskglow.com) sent me:
  SENT (0.0500s) ICMP > Echo request (type=8/code=0) ...
  RCVD (0.0450s) ICMP > Echo reply (type=0/code=0) ...
  As you can see, the ping reply appears to come BEFORE the request
  was sent(!).  This sort of thing happens on at least Linux and
  Windows.  The send time is obtained from gettimeofday(NULL), while
  receive time libpcap packet header.  If anyone knows why this
  occurs, or (even better) knows a good way to fix it, let me know.
  For now, I am allowing the response to come up to .05s "before" the
  request.  That is gross.

o For years, Nmap has added -I/usr/local/include and -L/usr/local/lib
  to the compiler line to grab local libraries.  I have removed this
  behavior by default, and added a '--with_localdirs' configure option
  that adds it back.  If Nmap fails to compile now without the above
  option, please let me know.  I can change the default back if this
  change causes more problems than it solves.  People (such as certain
  ports tree packagers) who know they don't want /usr/local should
  specify --without_localdirs rather than relying on that always being
  the default.

o Fixed (I hope) a problem that led to the error message "Assertion
  `tqi->sockets[probe_port_num][seq] == -1' failed".

o Fixed a problem that would cause Nmap on Windows to send ICMP ping
  packets from instead of the appropriate source IP.  Thanks
  to Yeti (boxed(a)blueyonder.co.uk) for the report.

o Applied some changes from Solar Designer (solar(a)openwall.com)
  which fix some typos and also suggest safer /tmp/ behavior in the
  HACKING file and Lithuanian man page.  These changes are for the
  Nmap package of his Openwall GNU/*/Linux (Owl) distribution. 
  [ http://www.openwall.com/Owl/ ]

o For Solaris, I now define NET_SIZE_T to size_t rather than socklen_t
  in nmap.h.  Isn't that exciting?!!!  Hopefully this will help
  compilation on Solaris 2.6 (and perhaps earlier).  If any Solaris
  users notice new compilation problems, please let me know.  Thanks to
  Al Smith (Al.Smith(a)aeschi.ch.eu.org) for reporting the issue.

o Removed an errant getopt() prototype in nbase/getopt.h which should
  hopefully improve compilation on certain Solaris boxes and BSD

o SCO operating systems are no longer supported due to their recent
  (and absurd) attacks against Linux and IBM.  Bug reports relating to
  UnixWare will be ignored, or possibly even laughed at derisively.
  Note that I have no reason to believe anyone has ever used Nmap on
  SCO systems.  Unixware and OpenServer suck.

o Fixed a problem with small --max_parallism values when non-root ping
  scanning that would cause Nmap to say "sendconnecttcpquery: Could
  not scavenge a free socket!" and quit.  Problem was reported by
  Justin A (justin(a)bouncybouncy.net) as Debian Bug #195463.

o Applied (with a few modifications) a large NmapFE patch from Peter
  Marschall (peter(a)adpm.de).  This patch adds a bunch more scan/ping
  options and cleans up some redundant NmapFE code.

o Included new Russian man page translation by Alex Volkov

o Changed many single-quotes (') into double quotes (") in the man
  page due to a disagreement over whether to represent them as (') or
  (\') in nroff.

o Included --packet_trace support for Explicit Congestion Notification
  (rfc 2481/3168) flags thanks to a patch sent in by Maik Pfeil

o Included --packet_trace support for a few (unusual) ICMP types in
  case Nmap receives them.  The patch was also sent by Maik Pfeil.

o Fixed a problem with redirecting XML/Grep/Machine output to stdout
  on Windows (e.g. -oX - ).  Problem was reported by Wei Jiang

o Made "-g -Wall" compiler flags dependent on availability of gcc/g++
  sine some other compilers do not support them.

o I spam-protected the email addresses in this file.  I fervently hope
  that within 5 years we will be able to defeat this scourge through
  technology and laws, so that we may again list our email addresses
  openly without fear of abuse by criminal spammers.  Oh, and it would
  be a shame if the spiders went through this whole page and only
  found uce () ftc gov, rhundt () fcc gov, jquello () fcc gov, sness () fcc gov,
  president () whitehouse gov, and rchong () fcc gov 

For those of you running Linux/x86 w/a recent version of rpm
(www.rpm.org), you can install/upgrade to the newest version of
nmap/nmapfe by executing these commands as root:

rpm -vhU (nmap url)
where (nmap url) is one (or both) of these:


For the rest of you, source tarballs and source RPMs are always
available at: http://www.insecure.org/nmap/nmap_download.html .  That
page also notes sources of binary packages for common operating

For the more paranoid (smart) members of the list, here are the md5

7267a02878c11b4e2e7ad68887bca1f1  nmap-3.28-1.i386.rpm
07e691e8e26a009d4cc9d17270072406  nmap-3.28-1.src.rpm
ac46d6d7a5f7eec8d0281f656c23f2b4  nmap-3.28.tar.bz2
de432d4dd2c2ab7bc0823496faa2a72f  nmap-3.28.tgz
8a8d145fa1577f7aedb619e15b17f161  nmap-3.28-win32.zip
544c3b2d5c90582da03156d4eceb70fc  nmap-frontend-3.28-1.i386.rpm

These release notes should be signed with my PGP key, which is
available at http://www.insecure.org/fyodor_gpgkey.txt .
The key fingerprint is: 97 2F 93 AB 9C B0 09 80 D9 51 40 6B B9 BC E1 7E


Version: GnuPG v1.0.4 (GNU/Linux)
Comment: For info see http://www.gnupg.org


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