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18 messages starting Jan 21 04 and ending Dec 05 04
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Wednesday, 21 January

Nmap 3.50 Released; Europe Trip Fyodor

Friday, 23 January

Console Conductor Beta 2 Update (MacOS X Nmap Frontend) Marukka

Wednesday, 18 February

Back from Europe; Nmap in 3rd Movie Fyodor

Wednesday, 10 March

Nmap 3.50 Acknowledgements, 3.50-TEST2, and IronGeek's Zaurus Security Tools Fyodor

Wednesday, 26 May

Stealing the Network: How to Own a Continent Fyodor

Wednesday, 07 July

Nmap 3.55 Released Fyodor

Thursday, 08 July

Corrected PGP sig for 3.55 release Fyodor

Wednesday, 11 August

Windows XP SP2 incompatible with Nmap Fyodor

Thursday, 26 August

Windows XP SP2: Nmap Fix and Further Information Fyodor

Tuesday, 31 August

Nmap-Parser 0.78 Released Anthony G Persaud
Nmap 3.70 Released: Core Scan Engine Rewrite! Fyodor

Tuesday, 07 September

NmapFE for OSX 0.85 Released (nmap 3.70) Matthew Rothenberg

Tuesday, 05 October

nmapbot: using instant messaging as a remote administration tool Abe Usher

Monday, 18 October

Nmap 3.75 Released: less crashes and more OS fingerprints Fyodor

Thursday, 21 October

New Nmap Release Signing Procedure Fyodor

Friday, 05 November

NMAP Featured in new cyber novel Kevin Milne

Wednesday, 24 November

FBI Subpoenas Fyodor

Sunday, 05 December

fe3d nmap xml log visualizer Stou Sandalski
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