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RE: NMAP2.54BETA30+V Win32
From: "Jay Freeman \(saurik\)" <saurik () saurik com>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 13:44:11 -0600

Well, last available release was _technically_ against beta 29 on my CVS
server, but point taken :).  There were a few weeks there when I was
more than one release behind Fyodor on my CVS server, and I started
feeling quite guilty about it.  I only release patches on my FTP site
for what seem like major upgrades by Fyodor, or when I add new features
on my end, beta 30 _would_ have made a patch, especially considered I
remember a request from you to upgrade to it.  Now, I remember trying...
I wonder what happened.

Oh, what hung me up getting beta 30 to work was apparently merging the
dsp file for Win32 support (I went back and looked at why I never
finished that process of merging beta 30).  The entire thing got listed
as a conflict and I just didn't have the heart to go through with it.
Then it got as this embedded item on my to do list that seemed like it
just wasn't going away so I put a hard deadline on "3 days after either
beta 31 or 1 day after the non-beta release", either of which seemed
immanent at the time.

Wait a second... you got _libtabular_ to compile on win32?  I'm sorry
:).  libtabular isn't used anywhere in my code anywhere (so I wonder why
you bothered) and is _quite_ obsolete.  What happened was I added XML
output at the same time Fyodor did, and then had to backtrack out of the
entire mess. I left the code there; however, as I thought it looked

The part here that is concerning me is that it seems like you had to
jump through a lot of hoops to get it to compile on Win32 (you even
mention providing source code for it as a difference from my last
release...).  That scares me ;(.  As far as I knew, I had all of the
project and workspace files rigged to compile it out of the box, at
least back on beta 29, but I don't think I've actually compiled it
_myself_ since a release or two after nmap's Win32 support went public.
Were your fixes beta 30 related (i.e., you wouldn't have had to make
them if it wasn't for something Fyodor or Alex did in beta 30's
workspaces), or were they general problems with the project files?

Jay Freeman (saurik)
saurik () saurik com

-----Original Message-----
From: Kirby Kuehl [mailto:kkuehl () cisco com] 
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2002 12:40 PM
To: nmap-dev () insecure org
Cc: nmap-hackers-owner () insecure org
Subject: NMAP2.54BETA30+V Win32

nmap+v is a banner grabbing patch for Fyodor's nmap
(www.insecure.org/nmap) written by saurik () saurik com 
I take absolutely no credit for his work, I am only providing the
upgrade, project workspace (Win32 version of source), and a few minor

nmap+v's normal home: ftp://ftp.saurik.com/pub/nmap/
Last available release: 2.54BETA27 
Just the binary:

Changes that I did make:
Upgraded Win32 nmap+v from 2.54BETA27 to 2.54BETA30
Provide source code / project workspace for win32 nmap+v
Wrote a small patch providing +V XML output
Minor tweaks to nmaps original workspace for +V support
Some tweaks to libtabular to get it to compile on win32
My motivation? I needed the XML improvements found in BETA30 and wanted
the additional +V output. That is all.

Kirby Kuehl 

vacuum () users sourceforge net

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