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Help with nmap and token ring
From: "WebSec WebSec" <secure21st () hotmail com>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 04:11:06 +0000

Thank you in advance for your help,

My set-up: Suse 7.3 with an ethernet and a token ring PCMCIA 3Com cards.

All works well with the ethernet card. When running nmap against token ring I get this error:

Starting nmap V. 2.53 by fyodor () insecure org ( www.insecure.org/nmap/ )
pcap_open_live: unknown physical layer type 0x320
There are several possible reasons for this, depending on your operating
LINUX: If you are getting Socket type not supported, try modprobe af_packet
or recompile your kernel with SOCK_PACKET enabled.
*BSD: If you are getting device not configured, you need to recompile your
kernel with Berkeley Packet Filter support. If you are getting No such
file or directory, try creating the device (eg cd /dev; MAKEDEV <device>;
or use mknod).
SOLARIS: If you are trying to scan localhost and getting '/dev/lo0: No
such file or directory', complain to Sun. I don't think Solaris can
support advanced localhost scans. You can probably use "-P0 -sT localhost"


When I run "modprobe af_packet" no errors are displayed and the prompt returns.

But the error is still the same. Does it have anything to do with the inability of 3Com to switch to a promiscuous mode? Is there a way to run nmap against a Token Ring network?

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