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Banner Grabbing not right
From: "dharmendra rai" <dharmendra_rai () rediffmail com>
Date: 27 Jun 2002 14:08:34 -0000

hi all,
changing banner of machine is trivial and if we rely on banner-grabing then we may end-up gtting wrong info . but of course most of people (more than 90% of computer-on-net owners) don't care of changing the banner. again hold on !! u can't grab the banner of mac OS older than OSx. if anybody has succeeded ,plz give me the info.

On Thu, 27 Jun 2002 alek () ast lmco com wrote :
> From nmap-dev-return-359-alek=goose.ast.lmco.com () insecure org Thu Jun 27 06:43 MDT 2002
> From: Sean Donner <seand () maximus homelinux net>
> I think the one thing that this scanner is really missing is banner grabbing. With this option implemented into nmap, you could scan your network and see which services are giving up too much info, telnet is espeically guilty of this. I would imagine that this option would not be too hard to implement, although it would require a full tcp handshake and thus toss stealth scanning out the door with this on. A good idea would to also send a "HEAD / HTTP/1.0" command if a timeout occured while trying to grab a banner. Im new to this mailing list, so im not sure if this has been talked about before but I did not see it in any of the archives. Feedback is much appreciated. Thanks

In addition to NMAP+V (which was allready mentioned), there is also nmap-web, which provides a web interface to nmap and also does some banner grabbing on some interesting ports. There is a link from the nmap web to it or go to:
      -> Misc. Tech Stuff
      -> nmap-web

I find it pretty useful for checking to make sure we have the right versions of software on all of our machines ... but then again, I wrote it! ;-)


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