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Re: Small patch to add "add port" output from -v -v -v to XML format
From: Max Schubert <nmap () webwizarddesign com>
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 17:37:30 +50578934


On Fri, 08 Nov 2002 13:52:53 PST, Fyodor wrote:
I agree that parsing Nmap XML output is the way to go.  I believe that
approach is even better than the SO/DLL suggestion on your web page.

From an ease of nmap maintenance and use, it certainly is the better way
to go ... I was just thinking in terms of 
1) Performance.
2) Embedding nmap.

It would be excellent to be able to embed nmap in a network monitoring 
tool ... a C program, etc .. without having to read from a pipe .. and 
for glue modules it would be very nice to call a library function and 
get back a list of hosts as C structs that contains a list of C structs 
for ports etc .. or C++ object instances.  I am curious about why you
prefer the XML route?  

As far as reading from a pipe goes, reading XML is definitely much easier
than any other textual input as it has well-defined structure and there
are many APIs for reading/parsing it .. and maintenance-wise it is easier
for both parties as long as the DTD stays stable.

I have applied your patch for the next version of Nmap, which I hope
to release in the next few days.  Your patch is reversed, but that
doesn't really matter.  

Sorry about that .. that was the first source-level patch I have ever done.

For consistancy with other Nmap XML elements,
I changed the tag name to 'addport' and the 'number' parameter to
'portid'.  I also removed the 'msg' parameter.  I updated the
docs/nmap.dtd to recognize this new tag.

Sounds good ... I apologize for not reading the code a bit more and
making it consistent with the rest of the XML messages/DTD.

Please let us (nmap-dev or nmap-hackers) know once your parser is
working with XML output.  It would be nice to see more code examples
of Nmap XML parsing.

Will do .. once the XML backend is in place, my module set will be much
more usable .. about 800 people downloaded version .02 but I suspect few
had much luck due to the fragility of my LOG_STDOUT parsing code.


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