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Unofficial release: Nmap 3.10ALPHA5
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 12:12:43 -0800


Hey guys, I have put up an unofficial release (tarball only) of Nmap
3.10ALPHA5.  If people could test this, that would be great.  In
particular, I would like to know:

o Does it compile on your OpenBSD machine?
o Any strange problems (eg from the Libpcap upgrade)?
o Get any segfault/bus errors?  This version should fix those issues,
  as it includes Tom Duffy's patch.

Here are the CHANGELOG entries for this unofficial release:

o Upgraded libpcap from version 0.6.2 to 0.7.1.  Updated the
  libpcap-possiblymodified/NMAP_MODIFICATIONS file to give a much
  more extensive list (including diffs) of the changes included
  in the Nmap bundled version of Libpcap.

o Applied patch to fix a libpcap alignment bug found by Tom Duffy
  (tduffy () sun com).

o Applied patch from Matthieu Verbert (mve () zurich ibm com) which
  places the Nmap man pages under ${prefix}/share/man rather than
  ${prefix}/man when installed via RPM.  Maybe the tarball
  install should do this too?  Opinions?

o Applied patch by Chad Loder (cloder () loder us) of Rapid7 which
  fixes OpenBSD compilation.  I believe Chad is now the official
  OpenBSD Nmap "port" maintainer.  His patch also adjusted
  random-scan (-iR) to include the recently allocated

o Fixed (I hope) a couple compilation problems on
  non-IPv6-enabled machines which were noted by Josef 'Jupp'
  Schugt (jupp () gmx de)

o Applied patch from R Anderson (listbox () pole-position org) which
  improves the way ICMP port unreadhables from intermediate hosts
  are handled during UDP scans.

o Added note to man page related to Nmap US export control.  I
  believe Nmap falls under ECCN 5D992, which has no special
  restrictions beyond the standard export denial to a handful of
  rogue nations such as Iraq and North Korea.

o Added a warning that some hosts may be skipped and/or repeated
  when someone tries to --resume a --randomize_hosts scan.  This
  was suggested by Crayden Mantelium (crayden () sensewave com)

o Removed disparaging comments about distributed.net from the
  nmap-services file (see
  http://lists.distributed.net/hypermail/rc5.Dec2002/0162.html )

o Fixed a minor memory leak noted by Michael Davis
  (mike () datanerds net).

The tarball is available from

md5sum nmap-3.10ALPHA5.tgz
d6579d0d904034d51b4985fa2764060e  nmap-3.10ALPHA5.tgz

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