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Nmap unofficial 3.47 release
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2003 02:02:07 -0700


Hey guys,

I spent the last couple weeks integrating TONS of submitted service
fingerprints as well as a number of great patches (mostly portability
related) that have been sent.  Wow!  I still have more service
submissions to go through, but I don't want to delay this release any
longer.  I also improved the version detection capabilities somewhat.
I hope to do an official 3.48 release within a couple days, but first
I am putting out this unofficial source-only 3.47 release:


Please let me know if you encounter any problems with this release.
If no major issues are discovered, I'll probably do a public 3.48
release within a few days (maybe even on Friday).

b656136db282bd38da7b532e3889f070  nmap-3.47.tar.bz2
c8779409e73634617bc7af97c2119842  nmap-3.47.tgz

These release notes should be signed with my PGP key, which is
available at http://www.insecure.org/fyodor_gpgkey.txt .
The key fingerprint is: 97 2F 93 AB 9C B0 09 80 D9 51 40 6B B9 BC E1 7E

Here are the changes since 3.45:

o Integrated an enormous number of version detection service
  submissions.  The database has almost doubled in size to 663
  signatures representing the following 130 services: 
    3dm-http afp apcnisd arkstats bittorent chargen citrix-ica
    cvspserver cvsup dantzretrospect daytime dict directconnect domain
    echo eggdrop exec finger flexlm font-service ftp ftp-proxy gnats
    gnutella-http hddtemp hp-gsg http http-proxy hylafax icecast ident
    imap imaps imsp ipp irc ircbot irc-proxy issrealsecure jabber
    kazaa-http kerberos-sec landesk-rc ldap linuxconf lmtp lotusnotes
    lpd lucent-fwadm meetingmaker melange microsoft-ds microsoft-rdp
    mldonkey msactivesync msdtc msrpc ms-sql-m mstask mud mysql
    napster ncacn_http ncp netbios-ns netbios-ssn netrek netsaint
    netstat netwareip networkaudio nntp nsclient nsunicast ntop-http
    omniback oracle-mts oracle-tns pcanywheredata pksd pmud pop2 pop3
    pop3s poppass postgresql powerchute printer qotd redcarpet
    rendezvous rlogind rpc rsync rtsp sdmsvc sftp shell shivahose
    sieve slimp3 smtp smux snpp sourceoffice spamd ssc-agent ssh ssl
    svrloc symantec-av symantec-esm systat telnet time tinyfw upnp
    uucp veritasnetbackup vnc vnc-http vtun webster whois wins
    winshell wms X11 xfce zebra

o Added the ability to execute "helper functions" in version
  templates, to help clean up/manipulate data captured from a server
  response.  The first defined function is P() which includes only
  printable characters in a captured string.  The main impetus for
  this is to deal with unicode strings like
  "W\0O\0R\0K\0G\0R\0O\0U\0P\0" that many MS protocols send.  Nmap can
  now decode that into "WORKGROUP".

o Added SUBST() helper function, which replaces strings in matched
  appname/version/extrainfo strings with something else.  For example,
  VanDyke Vshell gives a banner that includes
  "SSH-2\.0-VShell_2_2_0_528".  A substring match is used to pick out
  the string "2_2_0_528", and then SUBST(1,"_",".") is called on that
  match to form the version number

o If responses to a probe fail to match any of the registered match
  strings for that probe, Nmap will now try against the registered "null
  probe" match strings.  This helps in the case that the NULL probe
  initially times out (perhaps because of initial DNS lookup) but the
  banner appears in later responses.

o Applied some portability fixes (particularly for OpenBSD) from Chad
  Loder (cloder(a)loder.us), who is also now the OpenBSD Nmap port

o Applied some portability fixes from Marius Strobl

o The tarball distribution of Nmap now strips the binary at install
  time thanks to a patch from Marius Strobl

o Fixed a problem related to building Nmap on systems that lack PCRE
  libs (and thus have to use the ones included by Nmap).  Thanks to Remi
  Denis-Courmont (deniscr6(a)cti.ecp.fr) for the repot and patch.

o Alphebetized the service names in each Probe section in
  nmap-service-probes (makes them easier to find and add to).

o Fixed the problem several people reported where Nmap would quit with
  a "broken pipe" error during service scanning.  Thanks to Jari Ruusu
  (jari.ruusu(a)pp.inet.fi) for sending a patch.  The actual error
  message was "Unexpected error in NSE_TYPE_READ callback.  Error
  code: 32 (Broken pipe)"

o Fixed protocol scan (-sO), which I had broken when adding the new
  output table format.  It would complain "NmapOutputTable.cc:128:
  failed assertion `row < numRows'".  Thanks to Matt Burnett
  (marukka(a)mac.com) for notifying me of the problem.

o Upgraded Libpcap to the latest tcpdump.org version (0.7.2) from

o Applied a patch from Peter Marschall (peter(a)adpm.de) which adds
  version detection support to nmapfe.

o Fixed a problem with XML output being invalid when service detection
  was done on SSL-tunneled ports.  Thanks to the several people who
  reported this - it means that folks are actually using the XML
  output :).

o Fixed (I hope) some Solaris Sun ONE compiler compilation problems
  reported (w/patches) by Mikael Mannstrom (candyman(a)penti.org)

o Fixed the --with-openssl configure option for people who have
  OpenSSL installed in a path not automatically found by their
  compilers.  Thanks to  Marius Strobl (marius(a)alchemy.franken.de) for
  the patch.

o Made some portability changes for HP-UX and possibly other types of
  machines, thanks to a patch from Petter Reinholdtsen (pere(a)hungry.com)

o Applied a patch from Matt Selsky (selsky () columbia edu) which fixes
  compilation on some Solaris boxes, and maybe others.  The error said
  "cannot compute sizeof (char)"

o Applied some patches from the NetBSD ports tree that Hubert Feyrer
  (hubert.feyrer(a)informatik.fh-regensburg.de) sent me.  The NetBSD
  Nmap ports page is at http://www.NetBSD.org/packages/net/nmap/ .

o Applied some Makefile patches from the FreeBSD ports tree that I
  found at http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/ports/security/nmap/files/

- -Fyodor

Version: GnuPG v1.0.4 (GNU/Linux)
Comment: For info see http://www.gnupg.org


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