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Re: nmap run error
From: Metgod <metgod () hfactorx org>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 21:25:28 -0800


I thought I'd contribute something to this list for once, so hopefully this
of some use to you. I don't use nmap for windows, only on my freebsd box,
so hopefully what I'm saying makes some sense. If someone else on the list
sees anything wrong (and I am wayy out of the loop!), please do correct me. 

From the looks of the screen dumps you provided, I would say you don't have
something that you should have for nmap on Windows..

That something is Winpcap, the Windows Packet Capture Library.

You should definitely install this and then try again. One place (the
official place) you can download this from is :


And please do READ the information on that page and the FAQ if you have any
problems. Then once you have it all installed, try running nmap again and
see if you still have the problem.


But when I try to scan my private network host, the following
error comes out. all other settings is by nmap default.I only input the IP
and click "scan" buttom.

Starting nmap V. 3.00 ( www.insecure.org/nmap )
Port 5000 proto udp is duplicated in services file
You need raw support for this.
run "nmap --win_list_interfaces --win_trace" to troubleshoot

So I try to run "nmap --win_list_interfaces --win_trace" under command line,
my machine says:

***WinIP*** initializing if tables
***WinIP*** if tables complete :)
***WinIP*** trying to initialzing winpcap 2.1
***WinIP*** delay load error
failed to load DLL: packet.dll
***WinIP*** winpcap is not present
***WinIP*** don't try rawsock
***WinIP*** o.isr00t = 0


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