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Version 0.6 of Nmap::Scanner released
From: "Max Schubert" <nmap () webwizarddesign com>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 09:36:03 -0500


   Version 0.6 of Nmap::Scanner is now available.  It includes
   several bugs fixes and contributions by several Nmap::Scanner
   users (thank you!).

   You can download the latest version here:


   Version .6 includes code to parse and display the information
   the new version scan options provides.

   Special thanks to Anthony Persaud, the author of Nmap::Scanner::XML,
   who provided me some very valuable feedback and suggestions for this

   Fyodor, you asked for information on how this module is being used;
   from what I gather from the few people I have received feedback from
   on the module, its' niche seems to be for persisting/performing custom
   actions on scans of large networks.  The two largest companies that have
   tried my Nmap::Scanner module and asked me questions about it: 
   * Intel
   * Rackshack (now EV1Servers)

   I have also heard from several university network administrators who are
   using this module.  Based on the download numbers, I get feedback from 
   less than 1% of people who actually download it .. I don't know if that
   is normal or not or if it indicates this module is too hard to use or
   the documentation is hard to read/understand.

   Thank you to everyone who has used this module, and extra thanks to those
   of you who have provided me feedback on it!


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