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Nmap-dev-only unofficial Nmap 3.51-TEST2
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 22:57:08 -0800


Hey guys,

I have just put up an unofficial 3.51-TEST2 release in the dist
directory ( http://download.insecure.org/nmap/dist/?M=D ).  It is
source-code only.  Here are the MD5s:

0c0270ad4b34e77c6d3b81786d31add1  nmap-3.51-TEST2.tar.bz2
cdd5d1fa3f65099bd8920947fd00f52d  nmap-3.51-TEST2.tgz

And here are the changes since 3.50:

o Normalized many of the OS names in nmap-os-fingerprints (fixed
  capitalization, typos, etc.).  Thanks to Royce Williams
  (royce(a)alaska.net) and Ping Huang (pshuang(a)alum.mit.edu) for
  sending patches.

o Applied patch from Gisle Vanem (giva(a)bgnett.no) which allows the
  Windows version of Nmap to work with WinPCAP 3.1BETA (and probably
  future releases).  The Winpcap folks apparently changed the encoding
  of adaptor names in this release.

o Fixed a version detection crash reported in excellent detail by
  Jedi/Sector One (0daydigest(a)pureftpd.org).

o Applied patch from Matt Selsky (selsky(a)columbia.edu) which helps
  Nmap build with OpenSSL.

o Modified the configure/build system to fix library ordering problems
  that prevented Nmap from building on certain platforms.  Thanks to
  Greg A. Woods (woods(a)weird.com) and Saravanan
  (saravanan_kovai(a)HotPop.com) for the suggestions.

o Modified the mswine32/nmap_performance.reg Windows registry file to
  use an older and more compatable version.  It also now includes the
  value "StrictTimeWaitSeqCheck"=dword:00000001 , as suggested by Jim
  Harrison (jmharr(a)microsoft.com).  Without that latter value, the
  TcpTimedWaitDelay value apparently isn't checked.  Windows users
  should apply the new registry changes by clicking on the .reg file.
  Or do it manually as described in README-WIN32.  This file is also
  now available in the data directory at

o Applied a patch to Makefile.in from Scott Mansfield
  (thephantom(a)mac.com) which enables the use of a DESTDIR variable
  to install the whole Nmap directory structure under a different root
  directory.  The configure --prefix option would do the same thing in
  this case, but DESTDIR is apparently a standard that package
  maintainers like Scott are used to.  An example usage is 
  "make DESTDIR=/tmp/packageroot".

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