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Re: Site Redesign
From: "Max" <nmap () webwizarddesign com>
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 20:17:53 +0500


On Mon, 17 May 2004 15:18:47 PDT, Fyodor wrote:
1) Do you like the new look and color scheme better than the existing
   one at http://www.insecure.org/ ?  An alternative approach would of
   course be to port the existing look to use XHTML/CSS.

I personally like the font choices and color scheme / layout (minus the
brown/orange link color); the hover decorations / effects don't do 
anything for me :).

Interesting with the brown/orange link color; the Ensim control panel 
(www.ensim.com) initially used a theme that had an orangish font for one
of their latest releases .. many of their staff are from India.  I don't 
know if that is a culturally significant color, but for me orange on 
white/light gray is not a very good contrast and I find it a bit hard to 

Another .01 .. I personally don't much care for the eye logo .. I would
rather just have a stylized insecure.org logo with no big eye above it :) .. 
your site has a lot of very useful information on it, and to me the extra
decorations just obscure the site content, which doesn't need to be
'gussied' up or made more enticing in my opinion.

Your core audience is technical people after all, yes?

I apologize that I have nits without patches or mock up alternative

2) Any suggestings for improving the new html/css pages?  Tested diffs
   that implement your suggestions would be even better.

I say keep the fonts/colors/layout and get rid of the hover effects and extra

If you were advertising web hosting or selling Nmap Plus for Windows or
some other impulse buy product, they would be appropriate to help suck 
people into your site in my opinion :P

3) Any problems rendering the new page on devices or browsers that
   handle the existing one?

Not for me!  

Your old design uses iframes as does the new one, so I can't throw in a 
lame lynx-compatibility comment without seeming more dork-like and cave-rock
like than I probably sound already in this email. 


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