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Re: Nmap GUI
From: Dan White <dwhite () securecommercesystems com>
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2005 09:44:06 -0500 (CDT)

I post seldom but here's my 2 cents - rather like sw design!

Command line is now for neanderthals ( from an old Unix
admin and programmer)- Even UNIX developed X-windows!

GUI's allow  more information to be diplayed and hopefully if 
designed well, commands to be logically presented
and executed without arg(uable) extensions requiring
unproductive typing time. So the programmer allows more to be done with a GUI in a more productive fashion. If every 
arg / option isn't
programmed into the GUI than shame onthe GUI programmer or requirments definitrion process!

Second - Hell Yeah to a Database backend  for batch reporting and
relational iterative sorts

Now for specifics - we developed our Linux SEM Appliance ( GuardTower)
with MySQL backend and we used PHP for the dynamically updating
the console. SCS chose to make the refresh rate configurable so PHP could read the data from the database in near 
realtime. Data is only updated when the screen refeshes -( would like better solution) Security events happen so fast 
when monitoring logging of IPS, FW logs , systems logs etc  that you must write them to DB immediately.

All that to say- Yes I agree a new Web Based Front end and Relational Database - but would like to see collaboration 
from the forum on 
better performing technology for database up dates to the GUI screen that don't require an entire screen refresh?  
Suggestions anyone ( flame away!)


---- Will Beers <whbeers () mbio ncsu edu> wrote:

Will Beers wrote:
My submitted application for the summer of code is actually a web
(php+mysql) based front end and scripted scan management app to Nmap.  I've
dubbed the idea "NmapWBFE".

 From the little feedback I've gotten so far, that name's gotta go... 
needs to be changed to something reflecting it's web-based nature more - so 
something like "phpScanManager" or "phpNmapManager".  I'm open for 
suggestions here.


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