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Re: Nmap GUI
From: Andreia Gaita <shana.ufie () gmail com>
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 09:50:23 -0700

On 6/6/05, Adam Jones <ajones1 () gmail com> wrote:

I was actually thinking it might be cool to write the interface using a
little AJAX (and not just to suck up to google...), but that's just a
question of whether people would be willing to embrace something that
breaks old browsers.  Maybe there could be two seperate interfaces...one
fancy and dynamic with fast updates through AJAX, one more for just finding

If you are talking about doing that in the context of supporting older
browsers it is possible to write your pages in a way that they break
down gracefully in the absence of components required to support
remote scripting.

Asynchronous scripting to update areas of a webpage, as it is done now
with AJAX (yet another cute acronym), has always been possible since
browsers started supporting a consistent DOM and frames. AJAX is
nothing more than requesting a page without refreshing the browser,
and processing the outcome through javascript.

You can do that with hidden frames, hidden iframes, or anything else
that you can hide and reload with any address you want. The page
called in the hidden frame simply has some javascript to return to the
caller the results that you want... you can just construct an array
with the results and callback a function with it, which can update the
ui without refreshing the page.

There really is nothing new under the sun... :p

gone crazy, back soon, leave message


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