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Re: What languages/toolkit to use for the new GUI?
From: digmet <digmet () mail ru>
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 20:53:14 +0400

Hello, \Grodеs.

Tuesday, June 7, 2005, 6:54:15 PM, you wrote:

G> + Most computers already have java installed
0. Most computers I'd see havn't java installed for many purpose. (windows, linux, even

G> + Mature XML and SQL libararies
G> + Fast development
1. Disputable. In my mind java development speed similar to C++ one.

G> - Large memory footprint
2. Yes!

G> - Long startup time
3. Yes!

G> - nmap is written in C

G> C++ and QT4 (all version will be released under the GPL)
G> + Fast, small memory footprint
4. Yes.

G> + Mature XML and SQL libararies
G> + Nmap is written in C
5. Version 3.81 has about 22 classes.

G> - Using C++ can lead to more bugs
6. Using Java can lead to comparable number of bugs.

G> Comments?
8. Qt the only visual lib that has true cross-platform. It's realy work in
ms windows.

G> What toolkit/language does the community prefer?

8. I vote for C++/Qt.

Best regards,
 Andrey Anufriev              mailto:digmet () mail ru

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