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Re: Socat
From: Andreas Ericsson <ae () op5 se>
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 23:36:55 +0200

MadHat wrote:
On Jun 16, 2005, at 1:17 PM, Andreas Ericsson wrote:
Something worth while would be write a testing engine for
vulnerabilities to serially try various exploits on a wide range of
hosts. The exploits could be distributed in much the same way as  
the OS
fingerprint file is today. That would be nmap'ish as well, since it
would definitely be usefule for the whitehats while being close to
invaluable for those nocturnal fellas out there as well.

So put together specs and propose it.

No can do. The company I work for have many "high-profile" customers, so 
I'm forbidden by contract to publish intrusive code or designs for 
intrusive programs. I'm not really sure where to draw the line, but I 
think the sort of program in question here falls quite a ways on the 
wrong side of it.

If nmap was capable of loading modules to handle the result of the scans 

Remember this is also for the Summer of Code. This may not bee added,
may not be maintained after the end of the summer and may not even be
finished.  I think it sounds interesting none the less.

True. Student projects tend to lean somewhat toward intellectual
masturbation. Let's just hope they don't get carried away with  
their own

I think the projects are being directed by the groups they are  
working for and not working free of any supervision, but I am not sure.

Right. I guess I was just being a bit savage since none of the students 
we've had at our place turned out anything useful (lots of interesting 
solutions to old problems, but nothing very constructive per se).

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