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Anyone else? [Fwd: Message from Krizsan Janos]
From: "Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman" <buanzo () buanzo com ar>
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 01:22:37 -0300

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Has anyone got eMail from this guy? As if I were an nmap-team expert :P

- -------- Original Message --------
Subject: Message from Krizsan Janos
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 19:34:26 +0100
From: Krizsan Janos <krizsan_janos () hotpop com>
Reply-To: krizsan_janos () hotpop com

Dear Sir,

Please excuse me for bothering you with this for you perhaps silly
dilemma. Being en expert of the nmap team you must be having
knowledge to solve this little problem related to security that I
have. That is why I took the liberty of disturbing you with this
email of mine. Please be so kind and read my letter through since I
tried to make it as short as it could be. It would mean a world to me
if you could be so outstandingly kind and help me.

I really do hate to ask you but quite unfavorable position in which I
am in forces me to take some unusual steps in order to get my way out
~ I need to contact some people that I do not know such as yourself
and therefore I am not sure how they will react so it is better to be
safe than sorry.

I need to send email that has different IP from the one I got from
ISP. I realize that you from the nmap team for the port scanning
purpose provide IP spoofing option in nmap.

I have noticed that programs that offer this possibility are offered
on Internet but for LINUX only. I am novice in LINUX. I read that by
certain command (IP_HDRINCL API ) in Windows XP the same effect could
be achieved. Only I do not have enough hardware resources on my
computer to install XP. I have installed Windows 98SE and Windows 200
0 SP4. I read that IP could be spoofed on w2k easily and on w98se
through some NDIS layer ("Windows 9x and NT systems have for some
time offered the capability to send raw packets from the NDIS layer.
This capability is just as exploitable for IP spoofing as the

When I searched my computer for *ndis.* I got many files both in w98
and w2k that satisfied the criteria but none of them were programs
while LINUX offered programs for IP spoofing.

Will you be so outstandingly kind and help me out by writing me how
to do it or at least where to seek for answers. What program do I
need and could you tell me where can I find it?

Letters that are written by carefully selecting worlds to be used are
usually confusing and difficult to understand not only to their
readers but to the writer as well. Please make me possible (by
teaching me how to spoof IP on email) to write letters freely and
clearly so that they could easily be understood without causing any
confusions or doubts of what the writer wanted to say but he couldn't
because he didn't know if he can trust the reader or the reader is
somebody that can't be trusted. With spoofed IP writer would have its
freedom of expressing itself because nobody could undoubtedly connect
him with the letter.

Yours sincerely

- --
Arturo "Buanzo" Busleiman - www.buanzo.com.ar - GNU/Linux Documentation
President, Open Information System Security Group - Argentina
Counter Manager for Argentina - Tenes Linux? Anotate: http://counter.li.org
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