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RE: Socat
From: "L. Walker" <info-machine () magi net au>
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 08:50:55 +1000

Comments below.  Original message cut up to save space.

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From: Andreas Ericsson [mailto:ae () op5 se]
Sent: Friday, 17 June 2005 8:07 AM
Subject: Re: Socat

netcat has several (maintained) incarnations though, and part of its
charm is that it keeps everything so absolutely super-simple (the
original netcat actually only had "main()" which consisted of some 2000
lines of code and still managed to be somewhat elegant). Adding
certificate logons, 2048-bit encryption, cryptographically sound hashing
and public-key authentication will just make it messy without
accomplishing all that much. Do we really need to re-invent ssh?

Cryptcat is a branch off Netcat that utilises encryption (uses symmetric key
last time I checked).   Granted, one could possibly just run netcat through
stunnel or some other sort of cooked-up SSL proxy, but then it depends what
you're looking for.

But seriously -- student absolutely do not need to go by my
proposals.  They can (and some have) propose something totally new or
a major modification of one of these proposals.  And if I think the
proposal rocks, I'll try to get it sponsored.  You need to be a
student for this particular opportunity, and the app deadline has
passed, but if there is something someone really wants to see ... send
me (or nmap-dev) a detailed proposal!  If it looks good, I'll run it
by the applicants and see if any are interested.  I probably will add
at least a couple more projects, if I can think them up.  But it will
have to be in the next few days, as the acceptance deadline is next

Unfortunately I put the scholars' world behind me nine years ago, and as
I've already stated in a reply to madhat I'm bound by contract not to
publish code or designs which can be used for anything nasty.

Andreas, I think he wasn't directing that at you and you're taking things
out of context perhaps... :/  Down boy! ;)

I do like the on-demand module idea, as it would be a more appropriate way
to perform things, plus maybe you can write a new scan that relies on
features of the NMap engine, just adding your own twist to things?  The
possibilities there are endless :)

 - L. Walker

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