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Re: NSA tracking open source security tools
From: Alan Jones <alan () ajsquared us>
Date: Sat, 04 Feb 2006 20:16:24 -0600

Something does not seem quite right here...

I am sure the NSA uses Nmap and the other tools.  We also know the NSA 
developed the security enhanced Linux with various changes and additions 
some of which are slowly landing in the main branch. 

I remember seeing on Bush on TV at the NSA, but why would they use their 
big status board for something as simple displaying the latest versions 
of Nmap and various other tools.

Sure they can't leave their classified info up on the screens for all 
the world to see, but how/why did the NSA end up putting up info on a 
bunch of open source projects. 

It just seemed funny.

Fyodor wrote:
Of the recent U.S. political scandals, one of the most divisive is the
issue of President Bush (IMHO illegally) authorizing the NSA to
conduct warantless wiretaps on Americans' phone calls and emails.
While I don't like the NSA tracking my phone calls, they are welcome
to track Nmap release status.  And apparently they are doing so :).
The latest (February 6) issue of Newsweek has a picture on page 39 of
George Bush visiting the NSA headquarters in Fort Meade.  A wall-sized
screen in the background displays the latest versions of our favorite
open source security tools, including Nmap, Metasploit, Snort,
Ethereal, Cain & Abel, and Kismet.  Nifty.  For those
without the magazine, I have posted a pic at:


Maybe open source software really will take over the world :).


PS: For those who missed the announcement, Nmap 4.0 is now available:

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